The Big One

Cycling Route

61.62 km
1,467 m
Feeling adventurous? This is a challenging route that takes in all the steepest hills and best views. Pub stops at Abergorlech, Brechfa and Llanfynydd.
Created By
Eva M
May 2, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Y Labyrinth Rhan un2.81 km43 m1.5%
Bro Nant Climb1.28 km94 m7.4%
Pentre Evan Climb3.51 km207 m5.9%
Gwernogle Climb to the Masts7.48 km256 m3.4%
Gwernogle climb2.77 km179 m6.5%
Y Labyrinth Rhan dau2.28 km142 m6.2%
Llan looney sprint0.68 km23 m3.2%
sheep dodging at speed2.73 km-139 m-5.0%
Welsh Retreat1.59 km-109 m-6.8%
Cross Roads Climb1.85 km101 m5.5%
Descend to Brechfa6.62 km-121 m-1.8%
Hot blondes to Brechfa5.25 km-214 m-4.1%
Twisties Down3.35 km-169 m-5.0%
Brechfa Bonk1.27 km96 m7.5%
Fforest farm lump1.44 km103 m7.0%
Red Gate1.87 km135 m7.2%
Llanllawddog power climb1.32 km135 m10.2%
Heckerty Heck..!!!0.58 km53 m9.0%
Mental!0.48 km-45 m-9.3%
Llanfynydd Rd Climb1.18 km81 m6.8%
Heol Newydd Climb2.00 km115 m5.7%
On the BRAKES !!4.84 km-222 m-4.6%