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The Kid 2023

Cycling Route

21.7 km
470 m
A tough mixed terrain route for the family of little mountain Goats. There is a new section called Silly Dale (really ;) that is fab. Tell the kids it's quarter of a mile of climbing. Worth preparing for! PLEASE NOTE - a landslip has closed the road to traffic from Great Hucklow to Bretton - we have negotiated a 'walking pass' through the road block with marshals to assist. The Feed Station will be here too.
Created By
David Kirkup

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Last Sprint0.18 km6 m3.1%
Grindleford Main Road Climb0.32 km18 m5.4%
New Rd Climb1.50 km95 m6.3%
New Road Climb - Main Rd to Corner1.18 km72 m6.1%
Grindleford to Eyam Climb1.13 km68 m5.9%
New Road to Eyam Climb2.27 km92 m4.1%
Full New Road2.42 km91 m3.8%
A623 Climb0.30 km9 m1.8%
Dunlow Ln0.34 km29 m8.6%
Eyam BW1.78 km25 m0.2%
Tidsewell lane decent 0.53 km-27 m-5.1%
Tideswell Lane final hill0.17 km12 m6.9%
Foolow to Col de Grindlow1.17 km-13 m-0.2%
Silly Dale West1.09 km-28 m-2.4%
Final push home0.40 km15 m3.8%
Ridge Sprint0.30 km12 m3.7%
Junction To Barrel0.22 km16 m7.4%
Sir William dig1.20 km25 m2.1%
Showing off outside the pub0.59 km20 m3.4%
Bill's little wiggle0.52 km24 m4.6%
R8 - Sir William Hill Gravel Eastbound0.52 km23 m4.4%