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Ride the Hurricane - Legacy Route

Cycling Route

39.62 mi
5,252 ft
Created By
Marc Abshire

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ride the Hurricane 202019.66 mi5,230 ft5.0%
Hurricane VC from Salt Water (Francis Park)19.37 mi5,243 ft5.1%
Francis, 2nd-8th0.40 mi66 ft3.1%
Race St - ONP Fee Station4.91 mi1,572 ft6.1%
E Park Ave to Summit:complete climb18.24 mi4,839 ft5.0%
Hurricane Ridge: Olympic National Park Visitor Center and Back35.67 mi4,774 ft0.0%
Hurricane Ridge (Visitor Center to Parking Lot)17.63 mi4,898 ft5.2%
Hurricane Ridge (First pitch from Visitor Center)4.35 mi1,414 ft6.2%
Ranger station to tollbooth5.16 mi1,427 ft5.2%
Visitor center to overpass2.68 mi909 ft6.4%
Stop sign to 4 mile look out.4.19 mi1,463 ft6.6%
Visitors Center H.R.16.98 mi4,669 ft5.2%
TO the Gate5.07 mi1,378 ft5.1%
Hurricane Ridge Road Climb0.71 mi305 ft8.1%
06/20/10 Port Angeles, WA0.95 mi328 ft6.3%
Part Entrance to the Top of Hurricane Ridge12.24 mi3,448 ft5.3%
Gate to Top12.91 mi3,458 ft5.1%
Ranger Station to Top12.35 mi3,363 ft5.2%
Hurricane Ridge Toll Booth -Top11.92 mi3,363 ft5.3%
Camping to the summit12.24 mi3,346 ft5.2%
Lower Hurricane Ridge4.22 mi1,083 ft4.8%
Heart O The Hills Rd Climb0.59 mi305 ft9.7%
First tunnel to the top8.62 mi2,602 ft5.7%
Last tunnel to Top8.57 mi2,520 ft5.5%
Heart O The Hills Rd Climb1.12 mi358 ft6.0%
Upper Hurricane Ridge6.64 mi2,064 ft5.9%
Heart O The Hills Rd Climb0.83 mi266 ft6.0%
Double Parking to Hurricane Ridge VC6.14 mi1,831 ft5.6%
Heart O The Hills Rd Climb1.43 mi482 ft6.4%
06/24/10 Port Angeles, WA2.06 mi636 ft5.7%
Hurricane -- final push2.59 mi814 ft5.9%
Milepost 16 to Parking Lot1.62 mi499 ft5.5%
06/24/10 Port Angeles, WA1.29 mi436 ft6.4%
Top of the ridge to the tunnels8.19 mi-2,451 ft-5.7%
Hurricane ridge decent, top to toll booth12.27 mi-1,654 ft-2.5%
Hurricane Ridge Descent, Top to Toll Booth (Not Hazardous)12.12 mi-3,448 ft-5.4%
Full Hurricane Descent17.28 mi-4,747 ft-5.2%
HOH to Race3.27 mi-1,155 ft-6.7%