Pigeon Lake Classic

Cycling Route

59.53 km
432 m
The old classic "Race Around the Lake." Doesn't include the short loops within Mulhurst Bay that were used to fine tune the distance options for the various categories.
Created By
Kevin Rokosh

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
esso Refinery Hill3.11 km49 m1.5%
Long Bomb!4.71 km-43 m-0.8%
Rip it to the village8.44 km33 m0.2%
Village climb1.19 km27 m2.2%
Climb outta the village3.05 km49 m1.6%
Undulating Adventure Time9.43 km-58 m-0.3%
Roll the Bowl6.56 km-47 m-0.1%
Zeiner Park Hill1.73 km33 m1.9%
Sundance Session11.19 km39 m0.0%
Itaska Hill Reverse0.94 km21 m2.2%
4 way stop to the top.1.85 km29 m1.6%
RR 10 to RR2811.67 km-23 m-1.2%