Tour of Monaghan 140km route

Cycling Route

137.1 km
1,682 m
Created By
Marc A

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bragan Cross to Killylough5.26 km-64 m-1.0%
Golan Climb0.30 km18 m5.8%
tydavnet 2 knockatallon7.65 km17 m0.2%
knockatallon to scotstown5.90 km-42 m-0.6%
Blast to An Botha 5.57 km-42 m-0.7%
Scotstown to Sweeneys Cross4.76 km-15 m-0.3%
Sweeney's Cross to Kincorragh2.48 km13 m0.3%
Sweeneys Cross to Rosslea5.66 km23 m0.1%
Rosslea Climb0.78 km28 m3.6%
Climb outta roslea0.90 km26 m1.8%
Roslea Bar to Clones7.32 km-36 m-0.0%
Roslea to Clones6.81 km-41 m-0.1%
ROSLEA CLONES DASH4.28 km-18 m-0.1%
Clones to Scotshouse6.95 km51 m0.2%
Clones to Bell's cross5.11 km48 m0.9%
Clones, bunoe, Cootehill24.68 km72 m0.1%
climb before Hilton Park0.33 km20 m5.4%
Green gates to Scotshouse2.91 km36 m0.1%
clones GC hill0.30 km18 m5.9%
Bells Cross to Graveyard1.76 km-36 m-1.5%
bells cross to scotshouse2.04 km-38 m-1.5%
Scotshouse to Bunnoe Cross5.09 km59 m0.6%
Scotshouse to Cootehill17.83 km60 m0.1%
Scotshouse R212 Climb1.14 km39 m3.3%
3 hook to Ashfield7.15 km33 m0.0%
Bunnoe cross to Cootehill12.68 km-34 m-0.1%
1k Bunnoe to CH1.04 km16 m1.5%
Cootehill to Rockcorry7.61 km29 m0.1%
Rockcorry to Swanscross3.87 km30 m0.2%
Swans X to Derryvalley5.20 km-37 m-0.3%
Swan X to Ballybay7.65 km-39 m-0.2%
ballybay to monaghan13.71 km-98 m-0.1%
R162 Carson Bray to Creevgh X1.04 km28 m2.2%
Ballybay road to Monaghan Climbs6.40 km81 m1.3%
R162 clime 1.10 km26 m1.9%
Ballybay road to Monaghan short section2.81 km55 m2.0%
berrys bray to fitness habit2.08 km-77 m-3.7%
Glaslough St Climb0.54 km107 m19.6%
monaghan->silverstream drag0.48 km11 m2.2%
Armagh Road to Glasslough6.02 km26 m0.0%
Silverstream to Glaslough5.68 km-26 m-0.1%
r185 climb0.60 km12 m1.7%
Push to the line0.88 km8 m0.8%
Glaslough Drag 0.65 km12 m1.7%
glaslough to emyvale4.85 km25 m0.2%