Camano Island from Lake Goodwin

Cycling Route

76.56 mi
4,931 ft
Created By
Juan López Cavallotti
June 2, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Warm beach1.74 mi171 ft-0.1%
Camano Bridge Westbound1.24 mi33 ft0.0%
5Thirty20.64 mi128 ft3.8%
Mark it 8, Dude.0.79 mi144 ft3.3%
Good & Utsalady3.19 mi128 ft-0.7%
Utsalady West - Hanstad to W Camano1.83 mi148 ft-1.5%
Utsalady to Sunset2.26 mi217 ft1.6%
Utsalady Crest0.60 mi154 ft4.8%
w/n camano dr1.49 mi200 ft2.5%
The Big Sunset3.77 mi226 ft0.2%
s sunset dr1.10 mi226 ft3.0%
Climb to Camano SP2.51 mi187 ft1.4%
post park mountain view wake up0.41 mi121 ft5.6%
Full Gas Decent0.60 mi243 ft-7.5%
Mtn. View Rd DH0.98 mi305 ft-5.6%
Camano Drive: Journey's End to Newberry9.78 mi390 ft0.7%
Chasing Slinky's0.35 mi82 ft4.3%
S Camano Dr - Mountain View to Dallman4.38 mi59 ft0.0%
South Camano3.22 mi328 ft1.5%
South Camano Steepest Pitch0.59 mi174 ft5.6%
E Camano Drive: Kalapook - Sunnyshore3.44 mi276 ft-1.2%
Camano Rollers6.14 mi302 ft-0.6%
E-CAM7.89 mi390 ft-0.9%
E-CAM7.89 mi390 ft-0.9%
E Camano Dr - Dallman to Mountain View3.95 mi121 ft-0.1%
Country Club North2.08 mi89 ft-0.0%
Lehman NB1.73 mi105 ft-0.9%
532 Camano EB Climb1.04 mi141 ft2.6%
532 Camano EB Descent0.73 mi151 ft-3.9%
Camano Bridge Eastbound1.30 mi49 ft-0.0%
Ridin with Frankie Dub2.34 mi233 ft1.7%