10 Barrel Riding Solo (June 2021) - Week 2: The Volume goes to 11

Cycling Route

11.05 mi
855 ft
Ben's > Voodoo > Phil's > KGB > Marvin's Garden (Counterclockwise)
Created By
Jason W

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Phils Trails: Int 1 to Int 4 (Trailhead out Bens)1.30 mi135 ft2.0%
Phil's Trail - Ben's to VooDoo3.91 mi446 ft2.2%
Ben's to Jct 162.29 mi236 ft1.9%
Ben's to KGB - New Parking Lot Version2.12 mi213 ft1.9%
Ben's - Parking Lot to Voodoo3.74 mi397 ft2.0%
[BEN] Trailhead to MTB1.20 mi121 ft1.8%
Ben's: MTB to KGB0.81 mi102 ft2.2%
Ben's to Voodoo Climb from MTB2.53 mi331 ft2.4%
[BEN] MTB to KGB0.80 mi108 ft2.1%
OLD VERSION - [BEN] KGB to Voodoo1.71 mi210 ft2.3%
[BEN] KGB to Voodoo1.70 mi210 ft2.3%
OLD VERSION - OLD VERSION - [BEN] KGB to Voodoo1.70 mi210 ft2.3%
Ben's: KGB to Voodoo1.74 mi210 ft2.3%
Voodoo: Ben's > Phil's0.68 mi89 ft1.9%
Phil's - voodoo to canyon0.95 mi-66 ft-1.3%
[PHIL] Voodoo to Kent's0.25 mi-26 ft-2.0%
Phils from Kents down to chicken2.50 mi-387 ft-2.9%
[PHIL] Kent's to KGB2.30 mi-397 ft-3.3%
Phils canyon no flat1.30 mi-272 ft-3.9%
Phil's Canyon DH: Big Burn Road to Phoenix1.76 mi-348 ft-3.7%
phils canyon dh 1.68 mi-318 ft-3.6%
KGB from the Flaming Chicken to Marvin's 1.73 mi75 ft0.1%
KGB elv to marvins 1.40 mi92 ft0.4%
KGB Heartbreak Hill: Uphill - Corrected0.11 mi69 ft10.9%
Marvin's DH - Pole to Forrest road0.29 mi-89 ft-5.6%
Liar to TH via Marvins1.62 mi-157 ft-1.5%
Marvin's flow to TH0.73 mi-62 ft-1.6%
Marvin's Master Carve to Phils Lot0.99 mi-72 ft-0.7%