Past Two Weeks

Marin Headlands - "No Slack Friday" Slacker Hill Loop Group Run

Running Route

3.4 mi
816 ft
Meetup every Friday 6:30am Run begins promptly at 6:35am. Hosted by Toby Silver. All welcome! This is a counter clockwise loop with an added climb to the top of Slacker Hill. Directions: Start and finish at Coastal Trail trailhead at Conzelman Parking Lot on the northwest side of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the lot below just below Conzelman road and adjacent to the bridge and bridge bike path. -At dirt trailhead next to parking lot, head up Coastal Trail -Cross Conzelman Rd, continue straight onto Coastal Trail (1 mile climb) -At T-Intersection, left onto Slacker Trail -Continue 1/3 mile, then left onto Slacker Ridge Trail -Climb to top, enjoy the views, then turn around and descend back to Slacker Ridge Trail and turn left -Cross McCullough Rd, continue onto Julian Trail to parking lot -Turn left in the parking lot and head toward the roundabout on Conzelman Rd -At the roundabout cross Conzelman, turn left, and descend dirt trail that runs to the right of the road, all the way back to Coastal Trail. Enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge and bay views -Right turn on Coastal Trail to return to the parking lot -Done!
Created By
Toby Silver

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Coastal Trail (GGB to Slacker Ridge)1.27 mi561 ft8.3%
GGB parking lot to top of slackers hill1.61 mi676 ft7.9%
GGB to SCA T-Bone1.09 mi423 ft7.4%
Coastal Trail (GGB to SCA)1.09 mi433 ft7.4%
Slacker Hill Climb from GGB1.62 mi673 ft7.8%
GGB to Coastal Trail Peak1.42 mi564 ft7.5%
Bridge to SCA Climb0.79 mi381 ft8.4%
Coastal Trail Parking Lot to Conzelman Rd.0.16 mi92 ft10.6%
Coastal to SCA0.87 mi338 ft7.0%
Coastal Trail (SCA to Slacker Hill)0.52 mi240 ft8.7%
SCA-Coastal Last (Last) Climb0.17 mi135 ft14.3%
From Coastal to Slacker0.51 mi246 ft8.9%
T-split left to top0.23 mi69 ft4.8%
Slacker Trail Climb0.21 mi167 ft14.8%
Conzelman Rd Climb0.23 mi174 ft13.5%
Slacker to Coastal Descent0.22 mi-180 ft-15.2%
Slacker Hill Descent0.19 mi-161 ft-15.7%
Hawk Hill - Descent (circle to crosswalk)1.02 mi-249 ft-4.6%
Conzelman Road Descent from the Circle1.03 mi-233 ft-4.3%
SCA Final Descent0.17 mi-85 ft-9.1%
SCA Final Descent (not hazardous)0.18 mi-98 ft-10.0%