Laurel/Great North Mtn/Purple Trail

Cycling Route

27.61 mi
4,063 ft
All single track climb to North Mtn ridge traverse to Purple Trail descent back to Bryce.
Created By
Bryce Resort

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Crooked Run Rd Climb1.94 mi617 ft6.0%
Laurel Run Spur DH to Gas line0.66 mi-236 ft-6.7%
Laurel Run Yellow Hike a Bike2.03 mi1,240 ft11.5%
Laurel Run to False Top1.95 mi1,181 ft11.4%
North Mountain Trail (Trail #1009)6.46 mi-295 ft-0.1%
North Mtn from Laurel to Falls Ridge trails2.13 mi292 ft0.8%
Orkney Springs DH2.38 mi-1,322 ft-10.5%
Upper Orkney Springs DH to the 1st creek1.15 mi-804 ft-13.2%
Lower Orkney Springs DH from 1st creek crossing1.34 mi-535 ft-7.5%
Orkney Springs Enduro1.04 mi-413 ft-7.5%
Roll back into Bryce1.52 mi-79 ft-0.8%
Killmon Road Climb0.54 mi358 ft12.4%