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Broleur Chilterns Challenge

Cycling Route

135.04 km
2,284 m
Trying to take in as many of the top climbs in the Chilterns as possible - in one, long day.
Created By
Steven Elliott (

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
stoke turnoff to radnage to bledlow5.15 km96 m0.4%
Mudds banks dip 0.66 km-16 m-0.2%
Mudds bank to the Pub1.41 km-17 m-0.8%
Mudds Bunk Surge0.24 km14 m5.4%
Sprint into Radnage0.76 km-10 m-1.1%
The Crown to Cherry Lane1.90 km-70 m-3.2%
Bower's Ln descent0.67 km-48 m-7.1%
Radnage Lane Climb1.61 km91 m5.6%
Radiance climb, the steep bit0.81 km67 m8.3%
Off Bledlow ridge1.53 km-63 m-4.0%
Smalldean all the way2.10 km84 m3.9%
Smalldean Lane Steep Bit0.82 km63 m7.7%
SDL0.26 km40 m15.2%
Down & Up to Grubbins Lane1.12 km-40 m-1.3%
Devils Elbow0.38 km37 m9.6%
Chapel Hill (Flowers Bottom 2 Hampden Rd)0.51 km32 m6.0%
Speen to Hamden1.27 km17 m0.4%
Hampden Road (Speen to Hampden)1.47 km18 m1.0%
Sprint to the top0.33 km15 m4.4%
OLD VERSION - Sprint to the top0.99 km20 m2.0%
Hampden pub 2 Glade Rd1.16 km-8 m-0.5%
Hampden Relief1.00 km-51 m-5.0%
Lodge Hill (with pre-climb)3.52 km93 m2.6%
Thinking is the link2.04 km27 m1.2%
Marty Pellow0.16 km-3 m-1.3%
Missenden Road climb0.79 km16 m2.0%
Lodge to Dunsmore2.33 km54 m1.3%
Lodge Hill - Steep Bit0.36 km43 m11.9%
Steep ramp to duck pond0.30 km27 m8.3%
Hale Lane3.07 km104 m2.9%
Hale approach steep section0.51 km30 m5.9%
Hale Approach0.81 km37 m4.5%
Hale Lane Climb1.05 km78 m7.3%
14% ripper0.91 km69 m5.9%
Taylors Lane0.47 km10 m1.9%
Wendover Woods Downhill2.79 km-70 m-2.4%
The Esses1.13 km-13 m-0.7%
Wendover Woods Water Tower to Wendover town centre6.35 km-142 m-2.2%
Aston Hill drop0.95 km-75 m-7.9%
A safe descent0.56 km-38 m-6.7%
Down off the top of the hill1.65 km-36 m-2.2%
Tesco Sprint0.91 km-19 m-2.0%
Wendover sprint0.22 km5 m2.0%
Wendover to Kimble Hill4.67 km-67 m-0.4%
Train to an angry Butler2.52 km37 m0.3%
Church Hill0.54 km23 m3.3%
Little Kimble Downhill 1.08 km-47 m-4.3%
Kimble Climbs0.80 km24 m3.0%
HHC019 Longdown Hill, Casden Hill Climb (WLC)1.00 km55 m5.4%
Longdown Hill descent1.13 km-34 m-2.8%