Aero FMR

Cycling Route

40.33 km
655 m
Created By
Kevin Teves

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Maynard to Howard1.14 km16 m0.5%
AERO MRC FMR31.66 km-115 m-0.0%
Howard Lyman2.58 km12 m0.5%
Crosby2.26 km-25 m-0.9%
Lower Sawyer Hill0.76 km24 m3.0%
Lower Sawyer Hill0.65 km20 m2.8%
Sawyer Hill Road (Pleasant to Brewer)1.81 km56 m3.1%
Sawyer Hill Climb2.25 km64 m2.8%
Sawyer Hill -- FMR -- Official 2.33 km67 m2.8%
Sawyer Hill Drop0.35 km-30 m-8.5%
Walnut East.1.58 km-35 m-0.5%
Coburn Hill -- FMR -- Official1.06 km57 m5.4%
Barnes Hill to town line -- FMR2.89 km106 m3.7%
Barnes Rd Northborough0.86 km51 m6.0%
Barnes Hill Rd1.19 km56 m4.6%
Ball Hill Rd Boylston TT2.49 km52 m1.4%
Ball Hill Rd0.92 km46 m4.5%
Ball Hill -- FMR -- Official0.53 km40 m7.4%
Green hills1.01 km28 m2.6%
Rocky Point Road1.23 km27 m1.7%
RP Road Beer Can Alley0.47 km18 m3.0%
The Green Dragon1.38 km-77 m-5.5%
Coming down the mountain0.85 km-66 m-7.7%
Red Hydrant to Red Hydrant.0.60 km-13 m-1.6%
Allen Up0.30 km12 m3.6%