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Tour of Strangford 50 mile 2021

Cycling Route

80.03 km
558 m
Created By
Dean Bradley

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ards to Portaferry27.58 km31 m0.1%
Champion of Champions - Outward leg19.88 km-29 m-0.0%
Portaferry rd to greba8.59 km8 m0.0%
Orange tree to Kircubbin Pier5.16 km31 m0.1%
Sprint from Greyabbey1.31 km0 m0.0%
Climb on way to Kircubbin1.27 km30 m2.0%
Climb to kirkubbin from Ballybryan 0.75 km17 m2.3%
rumble strips to kircubbin pier2.32 km-28 m-0.8%
Through Kircubbin (Inishargy Road to Rubane Road)2.31 km-20 m-0.6%
Rowreagh rollercoaster0.84 km13 m1.4%
Deer Park climb1.25 km19 m1.1%
Lough Cowey - Down & Up - South0.64 km-14 m-1.4%
Deer Park Road Climb (Lough Cowey to Mountain Road turn)2.15 km30 m1.2%
Coach Road Downhill Sprint0.49 km-16 m-3.3%
TOS - Sector 419.72 km21 m0.0%
Bar Hall Road (From Portaferry)4.71 km17 m0.3%
Ballyquintin Road (Headed North)1.78 km-13 m-0.6%
Quintin Bay Road (Headed North)3.18 km-17 m-0.0%
Kearney Road Blast0.58 km-10 m-1.7%
Newcastle Road Climb (North)0.95 km13 m1.4%
Dooey Hill Climb0.13 km3 m1.6%
Gravity boost0.41 km-8 m-2.0%
Ardminnan Road (North)1.78 km-13 m-0.6%
Death Corner #20.69 km-13 m-1.9%
Cloughey (2.9m) Mile TT to Portavogie4.78 km14 m0.2%
Kirkistown Golf Club to Kircubbin Rd Turn0.71 km2 m0.2%
Bog Rd to Ballyeasborough COI2.71 km14 m0.4%
Main Road Portavogie (Bog Rd to Warnocks Rd)1.06 km5 m0.2%
TOS - Sector 527.59 km32 m0.1%
Warnocks Road To Glastry College2.75 km-16 m-0.1%
Ballyhemlin Road (NE)2.01 km-6 m-0.1%
Balligan Road (NW)1.19 km11 m0.7%
Blackabbey rd heading north.2.21 km19 m0.5%
Bumpy Sprint into Greyabbey from Ballywalter0.79 km-24 m-3.0%
Leg Burn0.20 km10 m4.8%
Greyabbey to Ballyboley corner junction3.49 km32 m0.7%
Carrowdore rd3.29 km25 m0.6%
Mountstewart Rd2.63 km-17 m-0.3%
Ballycastle Rd1.65 km-12 m-0.4%
Ballycastle road1.73 km-12 m-0.1%
Beam me home Scotty7.55 km-38 m-0.3%
Ballyblack Road to N'Ards4.69 km21 m0.4%
Bowtown Rd climb1.70 km18 m0.7%
Bowtown Rd-Steep Bit0.20 km1 m0.3%
Bowtown Rd Downhill0.69 km-34 m-4.8%