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From Midtown to Red Hook - 14M

Running Route

14.13 mi
279 ft
Created By
Valeria S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Heading down down baby0.19 mi-20 ft-1.9%
East river heliport to 14th st.1.06 mi3 ft0.0%
Stuy Slooze0.67 mi-3 ft-0.0%
BP to The Narrows0.53 mi-3 ft0.0%
Captain Patrick J. Brown Boardwalk0.28 mi10 ft0.0%
East river 14th esplanade north section0.37 mi0 ft0.0%
Bridge to Bridge Dash0.21 mi-3 ft0.0%
Delancey, East River - Clinton St0.47 mi20 ft0.8%
Williamsburg Bridge Eastbound Full Climb0.76 mi128 ft3.2%
Williamsburg Bridge Hill Climb - Manhattan Side0.43 mi-20 ft-0.8%
1 min Wburg bridge hill run0.21 mi-10 ft-0.9%
Williamsburg bridge, eastbound.1.20 mi151 ft0.4%
Williamsburg Bridge (Manhattan to Brooklyn)1.14 mi46 ft0.4%
Grocery to Gas Station0.81 mi-7 ft-0.0%
Trash Alley South0.19 mi7 ft0.6%
Naval Cemetery Straight S0.16 mi10 ft1.1%
Flushing Flats0.91 mi121 ft0.4%
Steiner to Navy Dash0.69 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Up Navy from Flushing to Front0.27 mi30 ft1.9%
Park it south0.74 mi-7 ft-0.0%
Pier 1 to Pier 6 drag0.54 mi3 ft0.1%
Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 2 to Pier 3 Hill0.16 mi3 ft0.2%
Pier 2 to Pier 5 inner path0.30 mi-3 ft-0.1%
Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 3 to Pier 40.19 mi-3 ft0.0%
Columbia waterfront long dash0.82 mi7 ft0.0%
Finding Tempo to Red Hook0.36 mi7 ft0.1%
Degraw to Carroll bike path0.33 mi-10 ft-0.3%
Imlay SW0.37 mi-7 ft-0.0%
Ikea trail0.51 mi3 ft0.0%
The Ikea Bypass 0.50 mi30 ft0.1%
fishy 4000.31 mi-3 ft-0.1%
Gowanus Arm0.75 mi-0 ft-0.0%
Red Hook Sprint reverse dir.0.64 mi39 ft0.1%