#24 - Brunette

Cycling Route

75.88 km
1,478 m
Created By
OK Routes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Pre-Postill Wall1.05 km43 m4.1%
All the way up16.27 km913 m5.6%
Postill Dirt 6km6.37 km385 m6.0%
Complete Postil Lake Lodge Climb 15.15 km811 m5.3%
Postill Lake Rd Climb2.41 km227 m9.4%
To the Lodge!8.79 km398 m4.3%
Brunette FSR - Philpott Rd to Dee Lake Rd20.68 km111 m0.1%
Monica's Ride10.92 km30 m0.2%
Going down on the Beaver13.54 km-923 m-6.8%
BOA Crit - Front Stretch0.51 km-7 m-1.3%