Durty Hen Chicken and Flat Cow Loop

Cycling Route

54.69 km
647 m
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hill sprint0.27 km16 m5.8%
Dunkeld to Perthville18.62 km170 m0.2%
Dunkeld Road (Southbound)1.47 km-14 m-0.3%
Evans plains rd South4.90 km-20 m-0.2%
Hen & Chicken lane8.21 km145 m0.3%
Lot 17 Hen And Chicken Ln Climb2.20 km91 m4.1%
Lot 17 Hen And Chicken Ln Climb2.19 km101 m4.6%
Lot 17 Hen And Chicken Ln Climb2.14 km90 m4.2%
Hen & Chicken lane descent1.51 km-122 m-8.1%
Perthville to Georges (60km/h sign)3.35 km9 m0.2%
Gestingthorpe Road Climb0.96 km112 m11.6%
Gestingthorpe Rd dirt2.82 km31 m1.1%
Cow Flat to Perthville 1st climb0.51 km29 m5.5%
O'Regans Rd3.54 km53 m1.2%
Gormans Hill Rd (North)6.38 km-75 m-0.6%
Gormans Pinch Nth off Lagoon Rd0.45 km18 m4.1%
Lagoon rd to Gormans Hill rd peak2.04 km39 m1.5%
Lot 1 Morrisset St Climb0.81 km110 m13.5%
Hospital to Bradwardine2.11 km-18 m-0.2%
All-Saints Split0.32 km-2 m-0.6%
All Saints bend0.83 km-7 m-0.6%
Real All Saints sprint0.78 km-6 m-0.5%
Bradwardine to Westbourne0.80 km5 m0.1%