2022 PMTR 40 Miler

Running Route

38.87 mi
6,559 ft
This is the 2022 Pine Mountain Trail Run 40 Miler Course. Please note that GPS may deviate from the actual race. The course will travel all the way THROUGH the Dowdell's Knob Parking Lot. Please follow official course markings for this event.
Created By
Nick S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Liberty Bell Pool Climb2.49 mi295 ft1.4%
Georgia 190 Climb0.43 mi135 ft5.8%
The North Face Atlanta - Saturday Segment1.25 mi325 ft4.9%
Group Camp Rd Climb0.34 mi141 ft7.7%
Fox Den Climb0.93 mi302 ft6.1%
Fox Den to Mollyhugger4.73 mi-361 ft-0.0%
Mountain Top Way Climb0.47 mi177 ft7.1%
Mountain Top Way Climb0.34 mi164 ft9.0%
Georgia 190 Climb0.76 mi279 ft7.0%
Big 50 AS2-AS36.86 mi-351 ft-0.2%
Dowdell Knob Rd Climb0.40 mi223 ft10.3%
Louie Copeland Rd Climb0.25 mi171 ft12.5%
Pine Mountain Hwy Climb0.65 mi210 ft6.0%
Wolfden Branch Rd Climb0.49 mi148 ft5.7%
Wolfden Branch Road Climb0.21 mi161 ft14.3%
Wolfden Branch Rd Climb0.73 mi167 ft4.4%
Dowdell Knob Road Climb0.37 mi135 ft6.9%
Dowdell Knob Road Climb0.54 mi138 ft4.8%
Georgia 190 Climb0.62 mi207 ft6.2%
Sawtooth Trail to Fox Den2.77 mi-358 ft-0.3%
Georgia 190 Climb0.35 mi131 ft7.2%
Group Camp Road Climb0.43 mi131 ft5.8%
Georgia 190 Climb0.60 mi217 ft6.8%
The North Face Atlanta - Sunday Segment Challenge on Pine Mountain0.96 mi203 ft3.0%
Virginia Terrace Climb0.70 mi180 ft4.8%