drip Wimberley for BA

Cycling Route

57.49 mi
3,331 ft
Avoiding gravel on second rtight at start but taking on low water crossing. hit valley road and into Wimberley via Ficher store road.
Created By
Ross Scouller
November 15, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
First 11 of RftR10.82 mi256 ft0.3%
Mt Gainer2.05 mi177 ft1.6%
Mt Gainer - bend to tippy top2.16 mi207 ft1.8%
Oh that's steep0.61 mi128 ft3.9%
Little bugger1.46 mi171 ft2.2%
Prochnow West3.16 mi85 ft0.2%
Mt Gainor from Pursley to the stop sign1.62 mi154 ft1.6%
LT MTB Team - DS - Mt Gainor Connector N to S1.49 mi141 ft1.8%
Mt Gainor to 2325 on Pump Station4.54 mi-279 ft-0.5%
PumpStationtoParadise2.43 mi-141 ft-0.9%
220 to 2461.50 mi-82 ft-0.1%
Mt. Sharp to Longhorn Via Pump Station 0.78 mi-69 ft-1.3%
4-waytoParadise0.76 mi-95 ft-2.3%
2325 to Fischer Store Rd via Burnett Ranch/Valley View/Days End/Cottonwood7.97 mi-276 ft-0.3%
Burnett Ranch Road1.08 mi-75 ft-1.4%
-2200.97 mi-220 ft-4.2%
Valley View Road (Westbound - Full)1.66 mi-174 ft-0.7%
Valley View Descent to the River0.98 mi-184 ft-3.6%
Col du Days End0.45 mi105 ft4.3%
Blanco River Bottom Climb1.62 mi200 ft2.3%
Sachtleben to the first speed bump0.77 mi-56 ft-0.6%
sachtleben down2.07 mi-118 ft-1.0%
Bar LL Ranch (watch those speed bumps) south0.62 mi36 ft0.2%
Wayside Drive0.80 mi66 ft1.4%
Old Glory Ranch Sprint S0.68 mi-75 ft-2.1%
River Rd Go1.91 mi-105 ft-0.6%
Pioneer Sprint0.50 mi-13 ft-0.5%
River Rd to Green Acres1.63 mi95 ft0.9%
Farm To Market Road 2325 Climb0.51 mi72 ft2.8%
Ledgerock to Mt Gainor7.34 mi341 ft0.2%
Ledge-Gatlin 9.80 mi-341 ft-0.1%
2325toMt. Sharp3.85 mi144 ft0.1%
ledgerock3.10 mi338 ft2.0%
Jack Mt from Longhorn1.73 mi190 ft1.8%
Longhorn Tr to Creek Rd9.31 mi-285 ft-0.2%
Jack Mtn Climb1.53 mi164 ft1.8%
Going Down1.71 mi-180 ft-2.0%
220 to Pursley down1.63 mi-138 ft-1.4%
Mt.SharptoCreekRd7.05 mi-223 ft-0.6%
LT MTB Team - DS - Mt Gainor from Pursley to Creek Rd Split5.62 mi-187 ft-0.5%
Mt. Gainor climb, bridge to bridge (east)1.28 mi-115 ft-0.7%
Mt. Gaynor sprint climb0.30 mi69 ft4.0%
Mt Gainor rd Left Turn > Roger Hanks - Bring It Home LONG4.88 mi190 ft0.2%
194 to 1950.98 mi105 ft2.0%
Prochnow Rd > Roger Hanks - BRING IT HOME3.85 mi-190 ft-0.4%
pucker up1.75 mi-171 ft-1.8%
creek to 2901.70 mi118 ft1.0%
Climb to Hays County Office0.47 mi56 ft2.2%