Medved Madness Long Course 2021

Running Route

13.73 mi
1,510 ft
Course map for the 2021 Medved Madness Long Course. The course will be slightly altered for future years.
Created By
David Farrands

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
S Wilmarth Rd Climb0.73 mi141 ft3.7%
S Wilmarth Rd Climb0.65 mi138 ft3.9%
Water Bomb0.09 mi-66 ft-14.1%
Orienteering Loop, East-West0.35 mi98 ft4.9%
East Esker Climb 20.31 mi108 ft5.3%
0.03 mi52 ft26.6%
Skunk Cabbage Bog up to Snek Hill0.30 mi95 ft5.9%