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VB Shop Ride To Cottage Country Kitchen

Cycling Route

86.17 km
1,192 m
Created By
Luke F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cumberhills to Puss in Boots2.36 km11 m0.4%
Windley TT 1/53.91 km22 m0.4%
DMRC Windley TT start to the Tiger5.60 km108 m1.8%
Apprentice Lead out 21.68 km10 m0.5%
Windley wipeout3.91 km123 m3.1%
Windley - Steep Village Climb0.58 km49 m8.3%
Through the ward0.95 km31 m3.1%
Hulland Full Descent 0.88 km-47 m-5.3%
A517 Hulland Ward to Ashbourne lights7.16 km-110 m-1.5%
Dog->Yeldersley Lanes3.74 km-55 m-1.1%
Hulland bends descent = A5170.34 km-21 m-6.1%
Belper Road Descent to Ashbourne5.35 km-72 m-1.2%
Gorse Hummock to Yew Tree1.12 km-12 m-0.2%
Gorse Ln to Yeldersley Ln1.78 km-11 m-0.0%
bradley cross to belper road bump2.76 km-57 m-1.9%
Sides Ln to Littlefield Ln2.19 km-29 m-0.9%
Norbury Hollow to Ellastone1.33 km-29 m-1.2%
Bit of a drag...4.61 km165 m3.6%
Ellastone to Wooten2.16 km95 m4.4%
and now, we zoom0.76 km-27 m-3.6%
Hudford Brook to Ramshorn1.06 km60 m5.7%
Ellastone Road Short1.74 km16 m0.9%
'The Descent' :)3.14 km-94 m-2.8%
Blackbrook Blast1.27 km-16 m-0.1%
Ellastone Rd Hill1.37 km62 m4.5%
Ramshorn to Wootton2.33 km-64 m-2.7%
One minute wonder 0.61 km29 m4.4%
Zzoooom Wootton to Ellastone 2.12 km-91 m-4.2%
Wooten esses0.81 km-43 m-5.3%
duncombe arms0.48 km-6 m-1.2%
Ellastone to Mill Street4.79 km40 m0.6%
Shields Ln South2.33 km31 m1.1%
Thurvaston to Cubley3.73 km-33 m-0.5%
Alkmonton > Hoargate Ln3.97 km-62 m-1.5%
Long Lane Speedtrap2.48 km-47 m-1.9%
Brailsford Brook Climb0.77 km18 m2.1%
Burrows to 1st Junction1.95 km23 m1.1%
Burrows Ln1.07 km17 m1.6%
Wild Park & Buckhazels Lanes3.42 km-62 m-1.7%
See You at the crossroads,crossroads,crossroads, 1.40 km-11 m-0.5%
Buckhazels Lane Descent1.80 km-58 m-2.7%
Down Buckhazels0.97 km-48 m-4.9%
Kedleston Rd to Woodfall Ln1.90 km52 m2.4%
Ked up & over Cumberhills Duff3.29 km-79 m-0.6%
Cumberhills Sprint0.52 km15 m2.9%
Cumberhills Rd1.25 km24 m1.9%
Cumberhills descent1.14 km-69 m-5.9%
Clumberhills Descent (just the downhill part)0.97 km-70 m-7.2%
cumberhills sprint0.51 km-33 m-6.5%
Broadway to Benz Bavarian Sprint0.47 km-2 m0.0%