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Boney Mountain Half Marathon

Running Route

13.01 mi
2,780 ft
Created By
Daniel Weissauer

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
XTERRA Boney Mountain 21k13.11 mi-1,545 ft-0.0%
lot to ranch center rd4.70 mi-591 ft-0.6%
Boney Mountain xterra loop11.73 mi-1,552 ft-0.0%
The Black B DH0.74 mi-404 ft-10.2%
Lower Hidden Pond Trail - West1.07 mi-128 ft-0.9%
Ranch Center to Peak1.71 mi597 ft6.6%
Hidden Pond Climb0.54 mi259 ft9.0%
Hidden Pond Switchbacks0.56 mi341 ft10.6%
1st Peak to Sycamore1.50 mi-728 ft-9.1%
Old Boney Trail Climb0.71 mi131 ft3.5%
Backbone Uphill 6.6K4.05 mi1,526 ft7.0%
Big Sycamore Canyon Rd Climb1.33 mi715 ft10.0%
Chamberlain Trail Climb0.64 mi344 ft10.1%
Short Reprieve0.35 mi-213 ft-10.6%
Danialson Fire Rd Climb0.88 mi577 ft12.3%
Old Boney From Fossil Trail climb0.73 mi479 ft12.3%
A Final Descent1.58 mi-938 ft-11.2%
Down Danielson Fire Rd - Boney1.57 mi-938 ft-11.3%
Switchbacks DH0.88 mi-469 ft-9.9%
Big Sycamore Canyon Rd Climb0.34 mi174 ft9.5%
Xterra 21k finish mile1.05 mi-125 ft-2.0%
Top of B to Satwiwa Center0.27 mi-52 ft-3.7%
Big Sycamore Road Trail Bypass0.22 mi-79 ft-4.5%
Big sycamore connector to parking lot0.36 mi-20 ft-0.4%