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Bike Path to Beach

Cycling Route

32.68 mi
876 ft
Created By
The Mob Shop

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
33 Speedway2.03 mi-128 ft-1.1%
Ojai Valley Bike Path (southwards/downhill)7.84 mi-528 ft-1.3%
Ojai Vons to Sulphur Mtn Turnoff5.94 mi-459 ft-1.5%
kYcK eT1.72 mi-125 ft-1.4%
vons to skate park13.24 mi-722 ft-1.0%
Ojai down to Harry Lyon Park 11.57 mi-623 ft-1.0%
Ojai Valley Trail Baldwin-N. Ventura6.22 mi-427 ft-1.3%
Bike Path Descent - Baldwin to Olive11.39 mi-614 ft-1.0%
Mira Monte to Oak View via Bike Path2.00 mi-174 ft-1.5%
Villanova to Sulphur3.70 mi-335 ft-1.6%
Oak View to Shell Rd6.24 mi-305 ft-0.9%
Oak View to Foster Park Descent3.22 mi-217 ft-1.3%
TwistyBitsDown0.25 mi-26 ft-1.6%
roadys only1.21 mi-33 ft-0.5%
Casitas Vista to Rex (Bike Trail)5.54 mi-197 ft-0.7%
Ventura Bike Path (southwards)5.55 mi-200 ft-0.7%
sewer plant o shell rd2.34 mi-69 ft-0.6%
The S's-Shell to Stanley1.33 mi-59 ft-0.8%
hard left0.10 mi-7 ft-1.1%
STAY SOUTH OF STANLEY1.31 mi-69 ft-0.9%
Sprint from Stanley Ave. 0.64 mi-30 ft-0.8%
One Mile Finish Sprint1.01 mi-36 ft-0.7%
Beach Crusin1.43 mi-13 ft-0.1%
Pier to Patagonia1.53 mi23 ft0.2%
W Stanley Ave Climb1.17 mi568 ft9.2%
Dubbers to Vons13.38 mi741 ft1.0%
Ojai Trail to Foster Park5.49 mi200 ft0.7%
Ventura to OakView - Bikepath9.00 mi433 ft0.9%
Ojai Bike Path Opening Sprint2.04 mi75 ft0.7%
VTA to Ojai on river trail12.97 mi692 ft1.0%
Stanley to Shell1.33 mi56 ft0.8%
Sprint to the park4.38 mi154 ft0.7%
Ojai Trail-Vta to Ojai and Back12.45 mi699 ft1.0%
hard right0.10 mi0 ft0.2%
The Half Mile Straight (up)0.59 mi20 ft0.6%
Ojai Valley Path to Baldwin6.24 mi427 ft1.3%
Foster to Baldwin Run5.80 mi420 ft1.3%
Rest stop to Santa Ana2.98 mi207 ft1.3%
TwistyBitsUp0.27 mi26 ft1.6%
Sulfur Baldwin Bike Path4.04 mi341 ft1.6%
Oak View OpenUP!1.60 mi161 ft1.9%
Climb to Oakview1.04 mi118 ft2.1%
Cote d'OakView0.67 mi89 ft2.5%
Devils Gulch Hill1.61 mi174 ft2.0%
Barbara's Rise0.90 mi102 ft2.1%
Up For Me3.57 mi190 ft1.0%
Cote d'Miramonte0.10 mi56 ft10.8%
Encino to Ojai3.47 mi164 ft0.9%
Ojai Bike Path Final Sprint0.88 mi59 ft1.1%
OV Inn0.46 mi46 ft1.8%