Cycling Route

76.84 km
1,656 m
1. Coffee stop at Dawn Patrol near Clarendon.
2. Visual stop at Mt Bold Reservoir lookout.
3. Lunch/coffee stop at Mylor.
Created By
Andy Rogers

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Upper Sturt final kick0.74 km81 m10.8%
Ayers downhill sprint (roundabout to roundabout)0.33 km-34 m-10.3%
Ayers to Avenue0.79 km-53 m-6.7%
Ayers Hill to Heather.3.14 km-177 m-5.6%
Stirling to home1.28 km-68 m-5.3%
Sturt Valley Road Descent2.27 km-113 m-4.7%
SVSPRINT1.39 km-74 m-5.3%
SVRsprint0.70 km-36 m-5.1%
Sturt Valley Speed Check0.68 km-42 m-6.1%
Ironbank Rd Complete2.47 km64 m1.4%
Ironbank Rd Climb0.77 km83 m10.7%
Iron Pole0.53 km49 m9.1%
Ironbank to Morgan Road1.15 km81 m7.0%
Pole to Morgan0.79 km46 m4.8%
Gravity's kiss0.71 km-31 m-4.3%
cherry gardens to humpty tt6.59 km-59 m-0.6%
Cherry Gardens To Dorset Vale1.62 km-30 m-1.5%
Oakridge- Sugarloaf Traffic Dodging1.71 km-33 m-2.0%
Sugarloaf Rd 0.74 km16 m1.8%
GG Chandlers to the 502.88 km-161 m-5.4%
free wheel2.13 km-155 m-7.2%
GG weeeeeeeee1.43 km-115 m-8.0%
Clarendon to Bakers Gully1.65 km82 m5.0%
Mt Bold steep0.34 km22 m5.7%
Lot 227 Mt Bold Rd Climb1.26 km90 m7.1%
Mt Bold Reservoir Loop2.62 km40 m0.0%
Saddlebags Rd (full climb)2.05 km182 m8.8%
saddlebags over cobblestones up to gravel1.73 km137 m7.6%
Saddlebags2.17 km165 m7.5%
Saddle Bags Hill (Finish at last corner)1.24 km145 m11.6%
Saddlebags Steep0.69 km104 m15.0%
Razorback - Cut Hill to Pocock8.04 km-46 m-0.5%
Don't get too Pococky3.79 km-67 m-1.2%
The Forest Slope1.04 km-40 m-3.7%
Into Mylor1.80 km-19 m-0.4%
Last sprint into Mylor0.56 km15 m2.3%
Leslie Creek Rd climb extension3.65 km158 m4.3%
Leslie Creek Rd3.17 km118 m3.7%
Leslie Creek Up From Bradbury Rd2.87 km105 m3.5%
Kennel Climb1.20 km57 m4.8%
Leslie/Woolcock0.48 km26 m5.4%
Guten Morgan!1.00 km104 m10.4%
Lot 3 Morgan Rd Climb1.38 km121 m8.8%
Morgan Rd (Steep)0.39 km56 m14.3%
Mark Oliphant Hill0.88 km70 m7.7%
Ironbank Rd Hill0.46 km53 m11.3%
Sturt Valley out to Upper Sturt Road1.79 km56 m2.9%
SVR to first switch0.41 km23 m4.7%
Sturt Valley Road to Upper Sturt (FWCC)0.51 km42 m8.0%
Sturt Vally Road "Flat" section1.00 km14 m0.1%