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Tortilla Flat/EOP

Cycling Route

63.06 mi
4,475 ft
There is ZERO shoulder heading into the state park along Apache Trail Road. Ride smart. Stay alert and ride with a BRIGHT, strobing light.
Created By
Jason Lentzke

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
EJ to Top0.77 mi72 ft1.6%
Usery Pass Recovery2.09 mi-230 ft-2.1%
Usery Rec Area to McKellips2.15 mi-295 ft-2.6%
Ells/McD sprint to Ells/McK0.65 mi-82 ft-2.4%
Kraken Sprint0.24 mi-23 ft-1.8%
Ells/McK to Ells/Brown0.95 mi-82 ft-1.7%
Quick sprint to McLellan 0.33 mi-26 ft-1.5%
McLellan/Brown Sprint0.48 mi-52 ft-2.0%
Ells 'a Crismon0.89 mi36 ft0.7%
Crismon to the lost Gold!5.39 mi184 ft0.6%
Brown - SIgnal Butte / Ironwood1.96 mi56 ft0.5%
Sprint to Idaho0.24 mi20 ft1.6%
Apache Trail to Tortilla Flat14.46 mi-692 ft-0.1%
Apache Trail first grind4.69 mi312 ft1.3%
Just kicking down the cobble stones6.70 mi420 ft1.1%
Mining Camp Rd to Lost Dutchman State Park1.13 mi72 ft1.2%
Ghost Town to Summit Peak4.51 mi344 ft1.5%
EOP OUT14.33 mi1,142 ft1.0%
Canyon lake 1st before decent2.04 mi200 ft1.4%
1st Climb going to the Lake0.82 mi197 ft4.5%
acacia hustle0.48 mi30 ft1.0%
Marina to Tortilla Flats1.07 mi302 ft5.3%
Full EOP Climb From Tortilla Flats Wash5.29 mi1,063 ft3.8%
Tortilla with Cheese2.16 mi686 ft6.0%
Sprinting for the Tortilla0.87 mi246 ft5.4%
EOP BACK14.31 mi-1,135 ft-1.0%
OLD VERSION - EPO Downhill2.14 mi-636 ft-5.6%
Tortilla Flats to Marina2.10 mi-299 ft-0.6%
Tortilla Flats Climb0.69 mi203 ft5.5%
TF to Metal Bridge 3.51 mi-318 ft-0.4%
Tortilla Flat to Goldfield Town12.38 mi722 ft0.3%
Top of Tortilla climb to Marina1.31 mi-292 ft-4.1%
Canyon Lake Final Hill2.84 mi564 ft3.8%
Canyon Lake exit hill0.91 mi266 ft5.5%
Up and over1.01 mi-92 ft-0.1%
First Climb to Canyon Lake decent1.22 mi-220 ft-3.4%
The downhill bits 8.01 mi-535 ft-1.2%
Highway 884.36 mi-253 ft-1.1%
Gold mine to Dash Inn1.97 mi-118 ft-1.1%
lost potato west bound1.30 mi-49 ft-0.7%
West yon Dutchman - ID to Ironwood0.98 mi-59 ft-1.1%
Brown - Idaho/Ellsworth4.94 mi-164 ft-0.6%
West yon Dutchman - Ironwood to Meridian0.97 mi-39 ft-0.8%
Brown to top of Usery4.19 mi472 ft2.1%
Ellsworth Brown to McKellips1.03 mi102 ft1.8%
Mc Climb= McKellips to McDowell Ellsworth0.77 mi98 ft2.4%
Makehillups and Usehurry!2.21 mi302 ft2.6%
RW test section0.65 mi89 ft2.5%
Front Side Usery Pass2.34 mi266 ft2.1%
Frontside Usery - Park Road to Top0.90 mi79 ft1.6%