RNR Trails: Horse Box - Egypt via upper paths

Running Route

7.18 mi
1,768 ft
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Rik D
February 2, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Fremont Climb0.10 mi39 ft6.9%
Bonne nuit climb to the track...0.20 mi131 ft12.0%
La Rue Des Platons Climb0.34 mi266 ft14.8%
La Crete Climb0.33 mi236 ft13.5%
Is there enough left in the Legs....0.05 mi20 ft7.6%
La Platon To The Top Of Bonne Nuit1.03 mi302 ft-1.9%
Ouch.....0.33 mi207 ft11.6%
Harbour to the steps up hill...0.11 mi66 ft10.2%
La Rue Es Nonnes Climb0.46 mi207 ft8.4%
Bonne Nuit Climb - Trail0.13 mi62 ft8.7%
La Saline top trail0.79 mi125 ft-0.7%
La Saline Climb0.06 mi52 ft14.3%