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Chipping Campden

Cycling Route

116.3 km
1,284 m
Created By
Dan L

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Descent to kenilworth1.53 km-30 m-1.5%
Welcome to Kenilworth - Common Lane0.61 km20 m3.2%
Fishbar Climb0.72 km12 m1.6%
Heathcote to Ashford0.50 km-1 m0.0%
Crossroads to the Brook1.03 km-10 m-0.9%
South Leam to Wellesbourne8.92 km-42 m-0.2%
Wellesbourne to Charlecote with horrible bumps1.19 km-3 m-0.0%
Charlecote Pheasant to Crossroads0.87 km-4 m-0.0%
No crash dash1.96 km8 m0.4%
Loxley Length0.59 km19 m3.1%
loxley blip0.30 km11 m3.5%
Loxley Bump0.32 km15 m4.6%
Loxley Dutch Corner0.35 km16 m3.8%
Sargent`s Drop0.86 km-12 m-1.4%
Crimscote climb2.17 km23 m0.7%
Ilmington punch2.08 km33 m1.6%
Catshole Full Climb2.31 km92 m4.0%
Cathole Hill0.62 km64 m10.1%
lower high street0.38 km-1 m-0.3%
Dyers Lane0.77 km63 m8.1%
Pebworth Sprint1.43 km-23 m-1.5%
Zig Zag out of Pebworth1.53 km-6 m-0.4%
Wyre Lane to the 50 signs0.68 km-3 m-0.5%
Welford Bump (Steep Bit)0.46 km27 m5.9%
Welford Climb (Up and Down)1.47 km-32 m-0.3%
Welford run for home1.12 km-34 m-3.0%
Final push to Leon’s2.01 km56 m2.8%
Wee Binton climb to Church0.65 km25 m3.9%
Featherbed Railway to Junc1.19 km13 m0.8%
Kiss my face.3.73 km-38 m-0.2%
Church Road Climb0.48 km8 m1.6%
Escape Velocity0.40 km8 m2.0%
Sprint for the sign0.20 km-2 m-0.2%
Dash for the sign!0.30 km-6 m-1.9%
Up to the New Inn0.32 km12 m3.3%
TheGreenNorth-HattonGreen0.48 km4 m0.8%
Hasley to Beausale lane1.87 km-17 m-0.9%
Firs Lane Chicane0.88 km-17 m-1.9%
Firs lane0.97 km6 m0.1%
Team CCC flat out0.85 km-23 m-2.7%
Kenilworth 4 Miler (ish)5.93 km-43 m-0.6%
Rouncil Ln Downhill sprint0.43 km-12 m-2.7%
Figure of 8 road section3.41 km-18 m-0.1%
Rouncil Lane Ramp0.23 km9 m3.8%
It's a right hander0.49 km-11 m-1.7%
ParkPale-RouncilLane1.90 km-15 m-0.1%
Rouncil Rollers0.51 km4 m0.4%
Rouncil hill full climb0.42 km13 m2.8%
Spring Princes0.61 km4 m0.4%
Kenilworth Road - The first bit0.59 km10 m1.7%