BBC Blue Knob

Cycling Route

68.94 mi
6,731 ft
Created By
Jeffrey Shaffer

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Out of the park0.35 mi112 ft5.9%
Cortland Rd Climb1.12 mi266 ft4.5%
Route 96 Climb out of Schellsburg1.49 mi279 ft3.5%
Burkett Hill Rd Climb1.02 mi308 ft5.7%
Burkett Hill Road climb 20.46 mi164 ft6.7%
BH DH to 8691.64 mi-472 ft-5.4%
Burkett Hill Rd Descent to 8691.55 mi-423 ft-5.1%
Park Rd Climb3.26 mi1,050 ft6.1%
Blue Knob State Park - Pavia to Chappell's Field2.72 mi984 ft6.8%
Blue Knob Park to Summit4.46 mi1,608 ft6.8%
Blue Knob - Park gate to Y3.05 mi971 ft6.0%
Little Valley Rd Climb1.59 mi643 ft7.6%
Blue Knob - "Y" to Ski Lodge1.18 mi571 ft9.1%
Hink's Delusion (Tubing Park Trail) DH0.81 mi-243 ft-5.7%
Hink's Delusion DH from the Condo Connector0.68 mi-144 ft-4.0%
Overland Pass DH from Clubhouse2.69 mi-1,070 ft-7.5%
Claar Rd Climb0.72 mi322 ft8.4%
Klahr Rd Climb0.71 mi344 ft9.1%
Sproul complete2.17 mi715 ft5.9%
Sproul (from Mountain Road)1.20 mi554 ft8.7%
Lafayette Rd Southbound7.93 mi226 ft0.5%
Unnamed Rd Climb1.00 mi505 ft9.5%
Brumbaugh Climb (Cove Side)0.99 mi489 ft9.3%
Brumbaugh Mtn Rd DH2.28 mi-751 ft-6.2%
Brumbaugh Mtn Rd DH (Steep Section)0.84 mi-495 ft-11.1%
Hog Farm Road Hustle2.40 mi-223 ft-1.7%