Cycling Route

79.96 km
983 m
Sun-Oka Beach Park to start. Up to Camp Boyle. Small spur to climb at the mailboxes coming back. Then up the nice pavement of Garnet Valley. On the way back, we can stop at Dirty Laundry Winery for lunch before the short downhill back to parking.
Created By
Kevin Rokosh

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Summerland Motorway (North)1.01 km13 m0.6%
Nasty Summerland Hill from Fondo2.32 km125 m5.4%
Kelly Ave Climb1.98 km127 m6.4%
Hill 21.90 km129 m6.8%
Almost to the top1.58 km117 m7.4%
Summerland KOM1.72 km125 m7.3%
Axel Summerland climb1.88 km125 m6.7%
Peach Orchard Campground Climb to Rosedale Ave1.46 km102 m7.0%
Prarie Valley: Wharton -> Victoria0.37 km14 m3.8%
Prairie Valley climb0.39 km27 m6.9%
Prairie Valley: Cartwright -> Morrow0.98 km37 m3.0%
Doherty-Bathville-Princeton Summerland Road Climb1.83 km118 m6.4%
Fish Lake Road Out4.50 km55 m1.2%
camp boyle TT16.96 km78 m0.0%
Camp Boyle Sprint0.70 km11 m1.5%
Camp Boyle to P'ton-S'land Rd8.33 km-79 m-0.9%
Fish Lake Road Back4.50 km-53 m-1.2%
Princeton Summerland Rd Climb2.85 km163 m5.7%
Fish Lake to Mountain View1.55 km104 m6.7%
First Part of Princeton Summerland Road Climb1.59 km109 m6.8%
Descent into Faulder 2.71 km-169 m-6.2%
Princeton Corner Inbound5.28 km-57 m-0.8%
Princeton Summerland: Fish Creek -> Bathville5.32 km-74 m-1.1%
I mean your kinda half way3.98 km60 m1.5%
Rodant romantic1.80 km-34 m-1.9%
Gartrell: Happy Valley -> Tait1.60 km-91 m-5.7%