2022 Battenkill

Cycling Route

75.57 mi
6,006 ft
Created By
Grant H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Wilber Ave Express3.11 mi131 ft0.3%
Battenkill 201774.51 mi886 ft0.0%
And So it Begins...5.74 mi659 ft2.2%
Burton Rd, 40 to Birch Hollow1.72 mi200 ft2.2%
Herrington Hill Climb0.71 mi220 ft5.8%
meeting house rd2.29 mi154 ft0.9%
Meeting House Speed Trap0.32 mi-95 ft-5.1%
CC Rush0.56 mi-92 ft-3.1%
Bombs Away0.62 mi-121 ft-3.7%
stage rd | total climb1.88 mi417 ft4.2%
Stage Road1.30 mi377 ft5.4%
Between Climbs #2 & #311.68 mi-331 ft-0.4%
Stage Rd Speed Trap0.79 mi-276 ft-6.4%
313 Paceline7.50 mi82 ft0.1%
313a Paceline7.51 mi82 ft0.1%
off the front7.71 mi82 ft0.0%
first 20 miles of battenkill19.38 mi449 ft0.2%
313 E. Main to Fish Hatchery Rd2.28 mi39 ft0.1%
It Begins4.39 mi85 ft0.0%
covered bridge to juniper top7.22 mi449 ft0.9%
First Major Hill4.64 mi318 ft1.3%
Perry Hill2.74 mi358 ft2.4%
Perry Hill steeps0.86 mi223 ft4.9%
PerryTop0.34 mi144 ft7.7%
Juniper Swamp Rd3.46 mi-289 ft-0.7%
Juniper Swamp (steep part)0.24 mi177 ft13.8%
Battenkill 2017 - Second Half35.30 mi-860 ft-0.2%
County Route 64 descent0.90 mi-299 ft-5.9%
Stretch leading to Patterson climb8.77 mi-348 ft-0.6%
Patterson Hill Rd Climb1.24 mi472 ft7.1%
Patterson hill climb and descent N to S3.74 mi502 ft0.9%
Old Schuylerville Dirt Climb0.57 mi197 ft6.5%