Vernon Echo Cherry

Cycling Route

122.64 km
1,526 m
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OK Routes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Alexander's TT - Alexanders to Coldstream School2.22 km34 m1.5%
Aberdeen to HWY 6 TT2.34 km40 m1.7%
Aberdeen to Corner Before HWY 62.01 km32 m1.6%
Howe To Corner TT 0.89 km11 m1.3%
Full Brewer East3.56 km84 m1.2%
Brewer Rd Climb1.08 km82 m7.6%
2nd hill on Brewer East0.77 km31 m3.9%
Full Monty2.33 km94 m4.0%
Reid Rd. Rocks2.32 km92 m4.0%
Reid Rd Climb1.49 km91 m6.1%
Learmouth to Lumby via Whitevale11.69 km-161 m-1.2%
some like it rough3.24 km-127 m-3.9%
Creighton Valley Pavement7.53 km123 m1.6%
Echo Lake Climb16.21 km379 m2.3%
Ferry Creek Climb1.70 km97 m5.7%
Cherryville to Rawlings Lake Road12.75 km161 m0.5%
Shafer Rd Climb2.57 km151 m5.8%
4 k return to Lumby light4.54 km-25 m-0.5%
Whitevale gravel section3.19 km130 m4.0%
Whitevale Rd Climb1.21 km83 m6.9%
Learmouth Downhill1.58 km-82 m-5.2%
Brewer Road Climb - West0.84 km40 m4.8%
Brewer Road, up and down3.43 km-95 m-1.7%
Brewer Road - Just the climb0.40 km32 m7.8%
Brewer Road Decent - North1.01 km-79 m-7.8%
Hwy 6 TT - Brewer to Kal Road4.10 km-34 m-0.7%
Kalamalka TT1.13 km-16 m-1.4%
Last one to the pub buys the 1st round2.29 km-42 m-1.9%
Aberdeen 2 McClounie1.47 km-31 m-2.1%