Salmon Arm Deep Creek Enderby Route

Cycling Route

108.2 km
1,027 m
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Auto Road Drag1.68 km-8 m-0.5%
Highway Run South4.51 km19 m0.1%
Gardom lake road east climb1.97 km72 m3.6%
Milk Mountain0.43 km11 m2.5%
Farm to Farm Climb0.60 km19 m3.1%
Hullcar Road to Lansdowne2.34 km-8 m-0.1%
Canyon Road Eastbound Flat1.97 km5 m0.1%
Canyon Speed bomb 2.87 km-124 m-4.3%
Enderby Sprint0.49 km-25 m-5.1%
Back Enderby Road Rollers15.73 km59 m0.1%
Enderby Backroad to Armstrong13.52 km60 m0.2%
Yup...we're climbing!2.78 km54 m1.9%
No more messin' around3.32 km-35 m-0.6%
Enderby bumps to Armstrong5.10 km53 m1.0%
The bumps back to Enderby4.40 km51 m1.2%
North to Salmon Arm3.10 km111 m3.6%
The Century Sorting Hat Climb2.92 km112 m3.8%
Last One Up0.91 km58 m6.3%
Go West young man!1.70 km28 m1.6%
Get Into the Valley - Salmon River Rd7.75 km-102 m-1.2%
Caravan Theater is around here0.73 km12 m1.3%
Twenty K26.06 km-89 m-0.3%
The Bumps6.12 km-36 m-0.5%
Yankee to Yankee.13.66 km-63 m-0.4%
I can see Yankee Flats from here!0.87 km20 m2.3%
Firehall False Flat1.05 km15 m1.4%
From the Firehall19.93 km-58 m-0.3%
SR bridge to Silver Creek2.87 km11 m0.2%
Silver Creek heading to Salmon Arm2.50 km-22 m-0.8%
Silver Creek to Foothills10.77 km-33 m-0.3%
Salmon River Road Climb1.88 km118 m6.2%
Silver Creek School to Bykerk's Corner2.82 km-22 m-0.7%
Bykerk's Corner to 70 Ave3.80 km-7 m-0.2%
70 Ave to 50 Ave is a Mile.1.56 km-2 m-0.2%
50 Ave East Dash to Foothils1.61 km3 m0.2%
Stop it, you're hurting me!1.12 km21 m1.8%
No more's a climb!0.56 km20 m3.5%
Foothills Grave Diggin'2.80 km20 m0.7%
Foothills First Ramp East0.40 km12 m2.9%
Foothills First Ramp East0.40 km12 m2.9%
Foothill rollers taking me home4.08 km25 m0.5%
Foothills Jammer1.08 km17 m1.5%
Foothills Riser0.69 km17 m2.5%
Foothills East 1.54 km-19 m0.0%
Last bump on Foothill East0.65 km9 m1.1%
10th Ave Switch back Climb to Auto Rd0.84 km89 m10.5%
Switchback Stinger0.36 km35 m9.8%
10th Ave to 20th St Climb1.61 km138 m8.6%