ElliptiGO Day in the Hamptons 2022

Cycling Route

23.6 mi
40 ft
Created By
Jim Cremer
May 18, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dune Road 2nd Bridge2.66 mi-13 ft-0.1%
Dune Rd. Moneybogue sprint eastbound0.62 mi-7 ft-0.0%
Beach to Post1.83 mi-7 ft0.0%
Dune Road3.45 mi0 ft0.0%
Dune Rd. Post La. bridge to Beach La. bridge1.87 mi-10 ft-0.0%
Post to Jessup2.86 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Quogue Bridge to Cupsogue7.55 mi-13 ft-0.0%
Cupsogue stretch west into headwind7.08 mi20 ft0.0%
Beach to Jessup0.96 mi3 ft0.0%
East Bay Bridge to Lashley Beach1.18 mi-3 ft0.0%
Dune Rd WestBayBr to Cupsogue Park4.67 mi-10 ft-0.0%
Jessup to Cupsogue4.33 mi10 ft0.0%
Lashley Beach level sprint westbound1.02 mi-10 ft-0.0%
Cupsogue to JESSUP4.55 mi10 ft0.0%
Lashley Beach to East Bay Bridge1.03 mi-3 ft-0.0%