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Hurst Green -> Waddington Fell 25 miles

Cycling Route

25.82 mi
3,143 ft
Hurst Green >
5 miles >
Bashall Eaves (The Red Pump Inn)>
3.5 miles >
Whitewell (Inn at Whitewell) >
3.5 miles
Newton >
5.5 miles >
Waddington (Waddy Arms, Higher Buck, Lower Buck) >
1.5 miles >
Edisford Bridge (The Edisford Bridge) >
2 miles >
Great Mitton (Aspinall Arms) >
2.5 miles >
Hurst Green
Created By
Ribble-Valley E-Bikes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Stonyhurst sprint0.31 mi-46 ft-2.7%
Climb out of college0.31 mi89 ft5.3%
Stonyhurst Grind1.31 mi348 ft5.0%
StonyHurts0.96 mi253 ft4.9%
Old Clitheroe Rd Climb1.18 mi299 ft4.8%
Birdy Up, Birdy Down1.59 mi-610 ft-5.9%
Birdy Brow Downhill1.08 mi-541 ft-9.4%
Downhill to Hodder0.62 mi-354 ft-10.8%
Fly like a Birdy0.57 mi-328 ft-11.0%
Hodder climb out0.17 mi59 ft4.3%
Bridge climb to x-rd's0.36 mi46 ft2.2%
north0.82 mi49 ft1.1%
#FatLadsCantClimb1.27 mi249 ft3.7%
Bashall climb1.16 mi220 ft3.6%
PW Eversting climb1.20 mi246 ft3.8%
Epic Events Cow Ark Climb (Clitheroe Tri)2.63 mi292 ft2.0%
Bashall Eves Big Climb2.59 mi299 ft1.9%
Push for the Red Pump0.19 mi20 ft2.0%
Browsholme Hall Rollercoaster0.28 mi-56 ft-0.3%
Middle Lees blast (down)0.86 mi-144 ft-3.2%
The Hickie Straight0.53 mi-69 ft-2.4%
Whitewell River Run0.77 mi-52 ft-0.9%
Hall Hill OFFICIAL North-west Climbs0.71 mi351 ft9.3%
Hall Hill Climb - Either Side0.69 mi404 ft11.0%
Hall Hill ( to the crest )0.70 mi390 ft10.5%
Whitewell All the Way to Cow Ark Peak2.28 mi554 ft4.6%
Hall Hill Climb0.64 mi377 ft11.1%
Hall Hill main climb0.64 mi348 ft10.2%
Hall Hill, Whitewell0.74 mi361 ft9.1%
Need a wee0.64 mi367 ft10.8%
Hall Hill (everyone)0.67 mi377 ft10.6%
Easington Rd Climb0.86 mi302 ft6.7%
Easington Rd full length3.40 mi-512 ft-0.4%
Standard Easington Climb0.82 mi305 ft7.0%
Cow Ark to Newton3.30 mi-522 ft-0.6%
HCC Lay-by to Logs0.71 mi272 ft7.2%
Fast!0.48 mi-161 ft-4.9%
Browsholme How Fast0.21 mi-125 ft-11.3%
B6478 Climb2.38 mi689 ft5.5%
Short version Halgate Hill from side road1.72 mi617 ft6.8%
Last kick up Waddy0.69 mi341 ft9.3%
Last kicker Newton side 0.39 mi154 ft7.3%
Hallgate Descent (South)2.43 mi-810 ft-6.3%
Coasting down to Wadd2.03 mi-732 ft-6.8%
Short Downhill into Waddington0.50 mi-154 ft-5.7%
Waddington Twitter Ln to Edisford Bridge 1.43 mi-72 ft-0.8%
Watch out for the runners.3.83 mi-105 ft-0.1%
Watch out for the runners.1.39 mi-72 ft-0.7%
Extended run out1.38 mi79 ft1.0%
Cromwell bridge to bus stop0.30 mi85 ft5.3%