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Hurst Green - Chipping 20 miles

Cycling Route

20.04 mi
1,893 ft
Hurst Green >
5 miles >
Ribchester (Stydd Gardens) >
6 miles >
Chipping (The Sun Inn)>
7 miles >
Bashall Eaves (The Red Pump) >
3 miles >
Great Mitton (Aspinall Arms) >
2.5 miles
Hurst Green >
Created By
Ribble-Valley E-Bikes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
RVC’s 🎢🎢The Roller Coaster0.20 mi-16 ft-0.8%
Mac 10.18 mi10 ft0.5%
Gallows Lane Descent1.52 mi-282 ft-3.5%
sprint to the bridge0.13 mi7 ft0.5%
Charlies' cheeky monkey3.34 mi840 ft4.7%
Jeffrey Hill summit from Ribchester village.3.30 mi837 ft4.8%
Jeffrey Hill3.28 mi804 ft4.6%
Stonygate Lane2.41 mi574 ft4.4%
Ribchester-Clitheroe Rd1.77 mi354 ft3.7%
Hoppers Rollers KoM3.18 mi856 ft5.1%
Jeffrey Hill part 12.36 mi574 ft4.6%
Boyce's Brook Bridge to Jeffrey Hill Summit3.23 mi846 ft4.9%
Ribchester-clitheroe rd (after bridge)1.74 mi387 ft4.2%
RibJeffTrainingSegment2.89 mi817 ft5.4%
Ribchester climb (P.R.A.T.S.)3.46 mi732 ft1.6%
Knowle Green to the top1.33 mi440 ft6.2%
Stonygate lane north0.52 mi161 ft5.9%
Jeffrey Hill from Knowle Green1.49 mi446 ft5.2%
New Drop Climb0.20 mi95 ft8.6%
Cross roads to the top0.86 mi276 ft6.0%
newdrop to tree0.17 mi49 ft5.5%
New Drop to Top of Jeffery Hill0.68 mi217 ft6.0%
Jeffrey last Punch0.50 mi210 ft7.8%
Longridge Fell0.57 mi194 ft6.2%
Nudies Fell Repeats0.45 mi210 ft8.6%
Jeffrey Ramp0.37 mi190 ft9.5%
NST boys last bit of Birdy Brow climb0.42 mi171 ft7.7%
Jeffrey Hill DH0.93 mi-433 ft-8.3%
Forty Acre Ln Descent0.88 mi-433 ft-9.2%
Bedlam Bounce (dangerous road surface)0.90 mi-128 ft-2.6%
Hesketh Lane to bend0.41 mi-3 ft-0.2%
into chipping1.49 mi85 ft1.0%
Sprint Chipping to Chaigley0.47 mi-56 ft-1.8%
Chipping to Walker Fold3.55 mi256 ft1.0%
Gibbon Bridge fly by0.69 mi-36 ft-1.0%
Chipping - Chaigley climb2.28 mi249 ft2.1%
shorter chaigley climb1.73 mi197 ft2.1%
up to walker fold0.66 mi75 ft2.2%
chaigley blast1.69 mi-322 ft-3.6%
downhill farm muck blast off1.42 mi-207 ft-2.7%
Good bit before Birdy!1.72 mi-338 ft-3.6%
Chaigley Chase1.76 mi-341 ft-3.2%
Easy Down, Hard Up0.72 mi-157 ft-2.2%
Hodder climb out0.17 mi59 ft4.3%
Bridge climb to x-rd's0.36 mi46 ft2.2%
Hodder Beast Out0.21 mi72 ft6.2%
TT section past Withgill0.91 mi43 ft0.4%
Back to Hurst Green3.41 mi194 ft0.4%
Crimson Sprint for the Corner0.25 mi23 ft0.9%
Cromwell bridge to bus stop0.30 mi85 ft5.3%