Past Two Weeks

OPMF Gran Fondo 2022 v3 220526

Cycling Route

122.41 km
1,143 m
Created By
Don T

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rossland riser0.71 km28 m3.9%
Valley Farmin'1.96 km-32 m-1.3%
Finch RtoA0.81 km6 m0.7%
Pickering --> Scarborough townline sprint ("Toronto" Sign)0.33 km2 m0.4%
Altona to Steeles via Beare3.45 km36 m1.1%
Beare-Finch-Steeles2.59 km26 m1.0%
Don't touch my Banana!1.23 km6 m0.1%
11th and 14th, or is 14&11?3.89 km-16 m-0.2%
Exiting Bob Hunter!0.83 km-5 m-0.4%
DC 7 to 732.03 km18 m0.8%
NH#22.93 km-16 m-0.3%
NH#31.99 km22 m0.7%
19 Again1.98 km-14 m-0.3%
19th W to E3.93 km-15 m-0.3%
2 min of fame2.07 km-17 m-0.2%
McSpeed to 481.96 km12 m0.5%
Dickson Hill0.32 km14 m4.3%
19th Ave - 9th to 481.76 km16 m0.9%
Reeves to Hoover (North)1.35 km14 m1.1%
Booth Dr Climb0.68 km111 m16.1%
UCC: Bowel Bingo1.78 km12 m0.5%
spider webb east3.60 km32 m0.2%
UCC: Bowel Bingo 2->32.00 km30 m0.1%
Burning for you0.52 km30 m5.8%
Webb Rd - Little Hill Climb0.41 km15 m3.6%
sadboyz like pastries3.12 km49 m1.5%
Double lift to Goodwood0.65 km29 m4.3%
bakery 2 wagg1.72 km11 m0.1%
3-OH-WAGG1.95 km18 m0.6%
4-OH-WAGG1.34 km-21 m-1.2%
The Wagg1.76 km-24 m-1.0%
Going Down Please1.09 km-47 m-4.3%
Reach St Bypass (Scenic Route)6.90 km57 m0.7%
European looking climb2.06 km49 m2.4%
UCC: When in the Marsh, head for the Goodwood2.67 km-38 m-1.0%
Sprint out of Epsom salts0.99 km-3 m-0.3%
U 2 Can1.29 km-26 m-1.4%
Fly into Utica0.25 km7 m1.9%
Marsh Hill Rd Climb0.34 km-4 m-1.2%
Heart-Break Hill2.47 km48 m1.9%
Triple Dutch Rudder0.62 km24 m3.8%
Chalk Lake Rd to Townline Rd1.49 km-35 m-2.0%
Ashburn Rd Sprint1.37 km-16 m-1.1%
Finish er off0.48 km7 m1.1%
Brawley Left Hook3.52 km-45 m-1.0%
Country Lane downhill2.06 km-42 m-2.1%
Lakeridge to Salem2.41 km-16 m-0.5%
Lakeridge to Westney3.88 km-47 m-0.9%
Lucky #71.31 km-20 m-1.2%
Salem north .. south2.00 km-11 m-0.6%