The May Recap (short route)

Running Route

7.43 mi
1,043 ft
Created By
San Francisco Running Company

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SFRC 7 miler7.30 mi1,001 ft0.1%
Marin Ave to Oakwood Valley0.55 mi16 ft0.0%
TN Vly Rd @ Marin to TN Vly Trailhead1.33 mi190 ft2.7%
Haypress Trail Climb0.76 mi177 ft4.4%
Leopardo1.29 mi640 ft9.3%
Marincello Trail (Tennessee Valley to Bobcat)1.44 mi682 ft8.9%
Marincello First 4000.24 mi141 ft10.6%
Marincello, Miwok, Old Spring Loop 3.73 mi833 ft0.0%
Marincello - up to FAA1.72 mi807 ft8.8%
tiney tiny ups0.07 mi36 ft8.8%
Marincello 800m Hill Sprint (double white posts)0.48 mi253 ft9.9%
Quick Marincello Up!0.17 mi85 ft9.2%
Marincello (Tennessee Valley to Bobcat)1.38 mi666 ft9.1%
Old Springs Trail Climb0.33 mi131 ft7.4%
Marincello 2nd 400 (upper white posts)0.26 mi131 ft8.8%
Old Springs Trail Climb0.23 mi151 ft12.1%
Marincello Tr Climb0.38 mi138 ft6.8%
Marincello -> VOR Climb0.32 mi154 ft8.9%
Miwok (Marincello to Old Springs)0.86 mi-404 ft-5.7%
Airbase to Old Springs0.38 mi-351 ft-17.4%
Top of Old Springs drop to SFRC/Fastest 2019 will get a nice bottle of Tequila3.10 mi-640 ft-3.9%
Old Springs Decent1.20 mi-400 ft-6.3%
Old Springs Trail Descent1.19 mi-397 ft-6.3%
Ninja Run Old Springs Decent1.14 mi-394 ft-6.5%
Aguila1.06 mi-433 ft-7.7%
TNV Parking Lot to HWY 11.62 mi-190 ft-2.2%
Rhubarb (Miwok to Oakwood Valley)0.67 mi-180 ft-4.8%
Downhill from TVall0.58 mi-118 ft-3.5%
Tennessee Valley Exit (Oakwood Valley -> Marin Ave)0.49 mi-20 ft-0.6%