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Run for the Hills 30k 2023

Running Route

18.57 mi
3,030 ft The 30k trail course uses the entire half-marathon course but adds a trip into to Cardwell Hill and Crestmont Trust areas for some awesome views, incorporating the Mulkey Ridge connector trail each way. The course will be challenging due to the hills, but the views and nice trails will make your work quite worth the effort.
Created By
Alan Calvert

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
bald hill switch back ascent0.52 mi269 ft9.7%
Nw Wynoochee Dr Climb0.95 mi420 ft8.3%
Full Mulkey-Fitton Climb2.78 mi577 ft3.9%
mulkey bridge to bench0.19 mi115 ft10.8%
Mulkey Creek Hill Climb0.74 mi400 ft10.2%
Mulkey Creek to Fitton Green Connector0.87 mi-190 ft-3.4%
Worth Way Climb0.42 mi184 ft8.2%
Worth Way Climb - Longer0.58 mi161 ft3.6%
Rona Ridge Westbound0.78 mi-184 ft-1.5%
Bridge Trail - Short0.24 mi46 ft3.5%
Let's see the cows0.76 mi-154 ft-1.2%
Amy’s Trail Climb0.29 mi177 ft11.5%
Fitton Top CW0.78 mi-174 ft-0.9%
Fitton Green Connector to Mulkey Creek Ridge0.87 mi190 ft3.5%
Madrona grande0.36 mi151 ft7.4%
Hiking Trail South0.61 mi151 ft3.7%
Rosecrest Dr Climb0.33 mi243 ft13.8%