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Morgan Territory

Cycling Route

38.85 mi
2,995 ft
Created By
Ryan Gomba

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Clayton Rd EB - Claycord to Ayers Sprint0.38 mi23 ft1.2%
Straight intta Clayton1.18 mi125 ft1.9%
20?5.14 mi633 ft2.3%
Clayton/Marsh CR to summit3.68 mi554 ft2.8%
Marsh Creek sprint0.87 mi95 ft2.1%
Back to School0.39 mi56 ft2.4%
Marsh Creek Rd + Morgan Territory Rd11.41 mi1,371 ft2.3%
Marsh Creek Climb1.27 mi308 ft4.6%
Marsh Creek Rd.0.88 mi262 ft5.6%
Morgan Territory - Marsh Creek to end of 2-lane road3.76 mi220 ft0.7%
Morgan Territory N to S9.88 mi1,463 ft2.6%
Morgan Territory climb from Marsh Creek9.33 mi1,463 ft2.8%
Morgan Territory AM training climb9.48 mi1,417 ft2.7%
Morgan Territory Full to Park (DMD Rest Stop)9.11 mi1,385 ft2.5%
Ride Morgan Territory Turnout to 1700 ft7.84 mi1,037 ft2.4%
Ride Morgan Territory (first turnout near Marsh Creek) to Tel Pole at Top9.39 mi1,453 ft2.8%
Morgan Territory - Loch Ness Monster to Park (water refill spot)8.83 mi1,371 ft2.9%
The King of Morgan Territory7.48 mi1,234 ft3.1%
Morgan Territory North (no CL to Preserve sign)5.44 mi1,184 ft4.1%
Morgan T from "One lane road"5.33 mi1,142 ft4.0%
Middle Morgan Territory Climb [Southbound]1.48 mi289 ft3.7%
4 bridges to summit MTR southbound5.09 mi1,194 ft4.4%
Morgan Territory: Finley Rd to Park Rest Stop4.41 mi1,033 ft4.4%
Morgan Territory Rd (North to DMD Rest Stop)4.20 mi1,056 ft4.8%
Morgan Territory Road From North4.71 mi1,155 ft4.6%
Middle Upper Morgan Territory [Southbound]1.79 mi518 ft5.5%
Morgan Territory North Side2.66 mi781 ft5.5%
Morgan Territory Preserve Climb2.94 mi810 ft5.2%
Morgan Territory Climb2.36 mi738 ft5.9%
Morgan Territory Road Climb0.52 mi305 ft11.0%
Morgan Climb from Crooked Tree2.09 mi676 ft6.1%
Morgan Territory - Highland Ridge gate to top2.44 mi738 ft5.7%
Ride Morgan Territory Final Dip to Tel Pole at Top0.58 mi161 ft5.1%
Morgan - final stage0.20 mi85 ft8.1%
Morgan Top0.36 mi75 ft3.2%
Highland (Manning2Collier)2.73 mi144 ft0.2%
Highland rollers WB, Manning to Carneal1.56 mi138 ft1.6%
Highland Road [Westbound]4.67 mi-217 ft-0.3%
Highland Rd - Marciel to Collier0.73 mi-82 ft-2.1%
Highland; Just after Collier jn. to just before Tassajara1.71 mi-98 ft-1.1%
Highland Sprint finish0.97 mi-46 ft-0.7%
Tassajara (between highland and windmere)1.86 mi-98 ft-1.0%
Tassajara Rd4.25 mi-200 ft-0.9%
Sketchy No-Bike-Lane - Tassajara to Fallon Sprint0.79 mi-36 ft-0.8%
Fallon/Tass to Somerset1.08 mi-85 ft-1.5%
Fallon to Gleason1.50 mi-89 ft-1.1%
Central0.81 mi-23 ft-0.5%
To Bart Smash!0.47 mi-7 ft-0.2%