Past Two Weeks

Barrow Volks Ride 66 mile

Cycling Route

66.15 mi
2,501 ft
2022 and 2021 route
Created By
Berta D

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Royal Hillness 2.11 mi112 ft0.7%
Grape Smuggler1.79 mi-135 ft-1.4%
Blackberry E Amity3.92 mi-164 ft-0.3%
Amity Road TNWC Climb0.61 mi82 ft2.4%
No Amity on this Road0.52 mi89 ft3.2%
Smith Dairy Rd3.19 mi-125 ft-0.6%
Elmer King of the Hill0.22 mi36 ft3.2%
The Cat and The Mouse2.43 mi-92 ft-0.6%
Elm Grove Climb0.52 mi85 ft3.1%
Elm Grove Climb (mailbox sprint)0.45 mi79 ft3.3%
South Armstrong1.03 mi-62 ft-0.3%
Summors Mill0.91 mi-23 ft-0.1%
Campbell Hill Rd Climb0.74 mi125 ft2.7%
Barnes to Holland5.45 mi-105 ft-0.3%
Holland City Limits0.22 mi-23 ft-1.9%
Holland Cemetery Road Climb0.61 mi305 ft9.4%
Negative Ghost Rider4.30 mi-125 ft-0.5%
Nice flat at Krause Rd1.68 mi30 ft0.2%
Wide Open Range Sprint1.22 mi49 ft0.6%
All Royals 4.27 mi-112 ft-0.4%
Salado Turkey Rollers Part 11.77 mi52 ft0.0%
Turkey Farm Rollers to Salado3.66 mi-102 ft-0.2%
Salado Turkey Rollers Part 22.12 mi-112 ft-0.7%
Royal Rio Salado2.36 mi-112 ft-0.8%