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Past Two Weeks
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VB to Ilam Hall Cafe

Cycling Route

77.17 km
1,427 m
Created By
Luke F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sprint into Daffield0.72 km3 m0.4%
Tap Inn 2 Social1.86 km18 m0.8%
Duffield to sunny hill1.14 km-14 m-0.2%
Moscow Strait0.64 km-10 m-1.5%
Chevin Road2.64 km44 m1.6%
Chevin Road Hump0.30 km18 m5.8%
Chevin Road descent0.35 km-16 m-4.5%
Belper Road Climb3.57 km162 m4.5%
Belper Road - Malt Shovel7.59 km192 m2.4%
Dalley Lane Climb1.43 km78 m5.4%
It never gets easier3.15 km108 m3.4%
Gorses uphill0.55 km43 m7.7%
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?2.20 km33 m1.5%
Wirksworth Road Final0.36 km18 m4.8%
Oakerthorpe rd straight0.90 km20 m2.0%
Oakerthorpe road1.69 km-41 m-1.7%
Bolehill drop0.77 km-30 m-3.9%
Cramford Hill1.40 km48 m2.6%
Stone Cold0.37 km22 m5.8%
Rising Sun Climb0.23 km22 m9.2%
Get those legs going squiggles1.23 km-24 m-0.7%
Longcliff0.66 km57 m8.5%
Hobbits Hills; Ridgeway Riders Roller Coaster1.43 km42 m0.6%
Hopton Incline0.48 km25 m5.1%
Manystones Sprint0.31 km7 m2.0%
Dig in0.35 km21 m3.6%
It's not long, Cliff0.37 km27 m7.1%
B5056 to A515 swerving the Chestnut6.28 km104 m1.5%
Parwich to a5154.23 km103 m2.4%
Dam climb to A5150.72 km44 m6.1%
The Pinch Descent1.03 km-97 m-9.1%
ilam bridge to blore1.62 km95 m5.5%
ILAM CLIMB - Bridge to Cattle Grid0.77 km64 m8.3%
Blore to park2.68 km-98 m-3.7%
Mapleton Rd Hill Sprint0.39 km30 m7.6%
Climb out of Ashbourne4.54 km96 m2.1%
Climb B50351.11 km74 m6.7%
Hoggie Trickster1.82 km-111 m-6.1%
Turlowfields Lane climb 0.95 km54 m5.5%
Up Turlowfields from Furlong0.84 km23 m2.2%
Holme Strait0.77 km-23 m-2.9%
Black Horse Blast1.88 km-47 m-2.3%
Get 30MPH 2 Flash0.99 km-25 m-2.5%
Tiger 2 Keys Sprint0.92 km-64 m-6.9%
Turditch Descent 1.04 km-75 m-7.2%
cowers lane to duffield4.94 km-27 m-0.3%
Windley Ln to Nether Ln0.70 km-4 m-0.6%
Apprentice Lead Out1.70 km-11 m-0.5%
Broadway Blast0.60 km-11 m-0.9%
Broadway to Benz Bavarian Sprint0.47 km-2 m0.0%