Past Two Weeks
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rotary 100 k 2023

Cycling Route

63.62 mi
5,659 ft
Created By
Andrew Dunn

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Alston Dash0.40 mi-26 ft-1.1%
Chipping Lane to Elm Brow0.96 mi30 ft0.1%
Elm Brow Flyer 0.63 mi-36 ft-0.5%
Thornley Manor farm rise0.87 mi131 ft2.7%
Up Brow Down Brook 1.87 mi118 ft0.2%
Doeford Squirt Up0.26 mi62 ft3.6%
Whitewell River Run0.77 mi-52 ft-0.9%
Inn at Whitewell to Dunsop Bridge2.21 mi66 ft0.4%
Dunsop cafe to Newton2.38 mi154 ft1.2%
dunsop uphill sprint0.25 mi59 ft4.0%
Newton to Slaidburn1.46 mi200 ft0.2%
Boom0.33 mi-59 ft-2.4%
Slaidberg0.56 mi157 ft5.2%
Tosside to Forest Becks Brow2.53 mi-305 ft-2.2%
Tosside cafe to the bridge 6.56 mi-456 ft-1.2%
John's Spot0.42 mi-49 ft-2.2%
John's Spot0.59 mi-89 ft-2.5%
Rathmel-A651.49 mi20 ft0.0%
Climb from A650.68 mi148 ft4.1%
Climb after railway bridge0.18 mi52 ft5.3%
Short and sharp0.39 mi39 ft1.4%
Downhill to Eldroth0.93 mi-141 ft-2.7%
Kettlesbeck Bridge Dash0.21 mi-75 ft-6.5%
Bowland Knotts proper3.62 mi860 ft4.4%
Bowland Knotts Third Rise0.75 mi243 ft6.2%
Bowland Knotts North Side Top Section1.21 mi404 ft6.3%
Bowland Knotts Descent To Gisburn Forest1.58 mi-535 ft-6.0%
rollercoaster climb no10.21 mi-85 ft-4.4%
Hole house lane dropsy0.41 mi16 ft0.4%
Holden drop to Sawley1.39 mi-75 ft-0.9%
Sawley to Waddy3.60 mi118 ft0.2%
Sawley to Grindleton0.80 mi105 ft2.3%
Bank Wood0.22 mi13 ft1.0%
bump to grindleton0.45 mi26 ft0.8%
Grindleton to Edisford Bridge4.08 mi-184 ft-0.8%
Grindleton to West Bradford1.16 mi-102 ft-1.4%
Grindleton Bottom to West Bradford1.19 mi62 ft0.1%
Lump between Grindleton and West Bradford0.32 mi56 ft3.1%
Up The Bride's Nightie0.16 mi43 ft4.7%
west bradford waddington0.95 mi43 ft0.4%
Waddington Twitter Ln to Edisford Bridge 1.43 mi-72 ft-0.8%
TT section Edisford to Bashall barn0.98 mi66 ft1.2%
TT Section Start straight0.55 mi-26 ft-0.4%
Chaigley to walker Fold1.89 mi351 ft3.4%
Chaighley0.53 mi151 ft4.5%
Meat pie Sausage roll5.05 mi358 ft0.4%
Up Chaigley1.11 mi240 ft4.1%
dodging jeffrey2.63 mi-249 ft-1.2%
Bedlam Bounce (dangerous road surface)0.90 mi-128 ft-2.6%
derby arms sprint1.02 mi30 ft0.2%