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Kirby Masham Bedale Top Boroughb 222611

Cycling Route

81.36 km
641 m
Created By
Roger C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Up to Birkby2.00 km39 m1.9%
Ripon up to Galphay5.39 km104 m1.8%
mill bank descent0.51 km-23 m-3.8%
Last gasp to Galphay0.98 km28 m2.8%
Summiting Galphay0.71 km11 m1.5%
Galphay saw mill up'n'owa0.25 km7 m2.5%
Butchered0.59 km-7 m-0.6%
KM to Grewelthorpe1.41 km24 m1.7%
Over t' common4.25 km-106 m-1.5%
Riddings Lane Climb0.53 km20 m3.7%
OLD VERSION - Down the hill and round the bend2.42 km-88 m-3.6%
Masham common sprint0.30 km-10 m-3.1%
Smasham1.17 km-18 m-0.5%
Bridge Climb (climb only)2.56 km65 m2.5%
Lime Lane to Green Lane1.97 km34 m0.7%
Up to Farmer Trewhitt's0.67 km22 m3.2%
moor lane1.89 km-42 m-2.2%
Moor End Ln to A684 Sprint1.83 km-16 m-0.8%
If only Brexit was this easy1.11 km-12 m-1.0%
bedale to aiskew rounabout0.86 km15 m1.0%
Full steam0.36 km11 m3.0%
Humphrey's Honeypot0.96 km-11 m-0.5%
Leeming crash gate1.24 km9 m0.2%
A1 to Burneston via Exelby3.17 km-13 m-0.1%
carthorpe to snape3.62 km11 m0.0%
XLB to Church Sprint2.41 km-14 m-0.1%
B6285 - Exelby Junction climb0.79 km12 m1.3%
Lower Dales Bike Ride Woodman Inn - Bar on the Green4.22 km10 m0.1%
Watch for tractors0.86 km-2 m-0.2%
Dropping into Kirklington2.61 km9 m0.1%
Kirkligton hill sprint0.29 km8 m2.6%
St Michaels' Church, Kirklington to Lime Lane Junction (B6267)0.81 km8 m0.4%
kirk x roads to wath3.40 km-11 m-0.2%
Sprint to Wath1.29 km-9 m-0.6%
Wath to Melmerby0.97 km5 m0.4%
A61 to Cundall8.69 km-15 m-0.1%
R3C comp 21 (R1)15.35 km-25 m-0.1%
Asenby to Thornton Bridge5.28 km-22 m-0.2%
Asenby to Cundall 2.81 km-9 m-0.2%
Cundell school drag0.53 km-10 m-0.9%
cundall beck boroughbridge5.85 km16 m0.0%
Thornton Bridge burn0.57 km10 m1.8%
Burton Ln Sprint2.56 km-2 m-0.1%
Langthorpe to Ripon Road7.12 km16 m0.1%
Memories0.65 km9 m1.3%
Open the taps1.48 km-3 m-0.2%
skelton bore3.55 km12 m0.1%
Quick skedaddle out of Skelton1.30 km8 m0.1%
Skelton Lane1.11 km9 m0.8%
Canal Sprint0.64 km5 m0.3%