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Happy 2022

Running Route

12.04 mi
2,357 ft
Created By
Kevin Strehlo

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
5 Points Climb: Cadman/Coolidge1.17 mi492 ft7.9%
Mineral Wells Climb0.81 mi410 ft9.6%
Fire road to horse fountain0.94 mi453 ft9.1%
Five points 0.79 mi341 ft8.2%
To water fountain 20.96 mi430 ft8.5%
Shed to bridge sprint0.27 mi59 ft3.3%
Let's Cross That Bridge When We Get To It0.35 mi141 ft7.5%
Vista Del Valle Dr Climb0.54 mi390 ft13.5%
GP Hogback climb0.55 mi394 ft13.4%
Hogback Ridge0.73 mi436 ft11.2%
"The Great Wall" of Griffith 0.66 mi361 ft10.3%
Hogback Incline - Bridge to Fountain0.66 mi384 ft11.0%
Dragonsback - Bridge to Fountain0.69 mi374 ft10.2%
Hogback Ridge steps0.11 mi118 ft18.8%
Golden Road - Run It Fast®0.48 mi-164 ft-5.9%
Griffith Park Mulholland Dr. from Mt. Hollywood to Mt. Lee Rd.1.14 mi-154 ft-1.3%
Fortius Mt. Hollywood to Mt. Lee2.00 mi486 ft3.1%
Canyon Dr Climb0.22 mi203 ft17.2%
Mt. Lee Drive to Mt. Lee0.87 mi446 ft9.6%
Calf Crusher - Run It Fast®0.78 mi430 ft10.4%
Deronda Dr Climb0.35 mi220 ft11.0%
Mt. Chapel Trail to Hollywood Sign - Run It Fast®0.52 mi240 ft8.7%
Deronda Dr Climb0.30 mi157 ft8.4%
The 1-Mile Fall from Hollywood #DownhillPR1.00 mi-472 ft-8.9%
Mt. Lee descent0.77 mi-400 ft-9.8%
Horses only, fella1.50 mi-446 ft-5.6%
Griffith Park Mulholland from Mt. Lee Rd. to Mt. Hollywood Rd. 1.15 mi151 ft1.5%
Mulholland Trail hill0.48 mi151 ft5.9%
Mt Hollywood Dr Climb0.48 mi167 ft6.1%
Fire Rd Climb0.52 mi213 ft7.5%
Hogback Descent1.00 mi-479 ft-8.9%
Fountain down0.95 mi-440 ft-8.6%
Hogback steep drop0.69 mi-420 ft-11.3%
Bridge to shed sprint0.33 mi-105 ft-5.9%
Coolidge Trail0.81 mi-344 ft-8.0%
Fortius Mineral Wells Descent1.17 mi-495 ft-8.0%