Past Month
Past Month

Truckee Tahoe Gravel Medium 2023

Cycling Route

54.61 mi
4,148 ft
Created By
Bike Monkey

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Joerger - Park to Soaring0.62 mi98 ft2.9%
267 Overpass0.50 mi92 ft3.5%
TDF - Prosser to End Stampede Dam Rd12.31 mi384 ft0.4%
dog valley road bump0.33 mi102 ft5.8%
Dog Valley North, Old Reno Road to Russell Valley3.02 mi-253 ft-0.9%
DV Rd from Old Reno Rd. to Stampede Dam Rd.7.40 mi315 ft0.5%
Dog Valley RD Old Reno RD to RV2.86 mi-213 ft-0.7%
DV DH to RV1.70 mi-230 ft-2.5%
Russel Valley Turn-Off->Stampede2.85 mi312 ft1.8%
Dirty Dog Section1.82 mi230 ft2.4%
Dog Valley Rd Climb1.78 mi318 ft3.4%
Dirt turnaround back to turnoff2.50 mi95 ft0.5%
Inbound Dam Kicker0.17 mi59 ft6.3%
Outbound Train1.93 mi-108 ft-0.6%
Stop sign at the end of the road climb0.32 mi62 ft3.6%
Bumpy3.19 mi112 ft0.3%
Babbitt Rd climb1.62 mi689 ft8.0%
Merril mtn dh2.19 mi-627 ft-5.4%
Merrill Creek Descent5.88 mi-988 ft-3.2%
Unnamed Rd Climb0.71 mi276 ft7.2%
Sagando - Final Dirt Descent3.01 mi-627 ft-3.9%
merril creekside dh2.41 mi-538 ft-4.2%
Sagando - Final Drop Proper to Road S860 1.96 mi-486 ft-4.7%
Merrill creek trail corner to corner1.37 mi-384 ft-5.3%
Henness rd to old reno rd via dog valley9.39 mi-351 ft-0.3%
Henness RD to RV6.36 mi-348 ft-0.8%
Kicker back to the top of the Wall0.32 mi72 ft4.2%
Stampede Dry Creek Roubaix4.48 mi-338 ft-1.4%
DV rd. dam to dirt2.52 mi-82 ft-0.5%
Outbound Dam Kicker0.20 mi52 ft4.9%
Logger Road / Dry Creek Roubaix1.91 mi-249 ft-2.5%
Dog Valley RD RV to Old Reno RD2.86 mi223 ft0.7%
Boca Road Hill Sprint - SAH0.11 mi23 ft3.5%
Glenshire - Up from 801.42 mi446 ft5.9%
Glenshire from Boca0.75 mi295 ft7.4%
The Tree to Big-D- Road1.17 mi331 ft5.3%
Hirschdale to Glenshire0.67 mi292 ft8.2%
Glenshire climb from Hirschdale0.65 mi292 ft8.4%
WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!0.45 mi-131 ft-5.5%
Legacy DH 0.46 mi-135 ft-5.4%
Punch Legacy climb 0.91 mi52 ft1.1%