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VB Ride from Hassop Station

Cycling Route

62.9 km
1,088 m
Created By
Luke F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
DIG IN!0.35 km20 m5.7%
Last kicker before Calver0.41 km17 m4.1%
Calver Drop0.34 km-19 m-5.6%
most of froggat5.53 km225 m4.0%
*****FROGGATT - Full climb to regroup at Longshaw entrance4.63 km226 m4.9%
Pub to pub2.54 km139 m5.5%
Fumkin Nyowm 1.28 km71 m5.5%
Moorlands Lane to Top3.40 km156 m4.6%
A625 Half Climb0.71 km32 m4.3%
Turn the screw0.30 km18 m6.0%
Fox House to Hathersage4.57 km-155 m-3.4%
Surprise to Hathersage Descent2.71 km-151 m-5.6%
Hathersage Booths to Hathersage Descent1.46 km-66 m-4.5%
Hathersage to Sickleholme2.21 km-10 m-0.2%
A6187 Layby Sprint0.37 km-2 m-0.2%
Hope Rd2.35 km12 m0.4%
Hope Valley Drag2.79 km14 m0.4%
rest too camp0.94 km14 m0.2%
Cafe Adventure to Cow Shit Bridge1.16 km13 m0.7%
#SegmentHunters; Hope to Edale Car Park7.51 km72 m0.9%
Cow Muck Bridge to Mam Nick summit9.70 km303 m2.9%
Bridge to top of Climb, its a long effort3.67 km67 m1.8%
Edale Rd tug0.61 km29 m4.7%
Mill Cottages to Village Hall0.98 km14 m1.4%
Edale - Barber Booth1.17 km13 m0.6%
Mam Tor Hill Climb2.13 km213 m10.0%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No126 Mam Nick1.99 km191 m9.6%
Barber Booth > Chapel Gate0.37 km10 m2.6%
First Half of Mam tor hc0.83 km72 m8.7%
Mam Nick - Mid Section 0.92 km101 m10.9%
Final Push0.70 km75 m10.6%
Sprint for the line0.31 km29 m9.4%
MamNick-Summit Sprint0.22 km15 m5.4%
Hi Ho Winnats0.40 km17 m2.8%
Winnat's from cattle grid1.56 km-197 m-12.5%
Winnats Pass Descent (Top Half)0.56 km-88 m-15.7%
Arthurs Way Down0.53 km-62 m-11.7%
castleton to hope2.19 km-20 m-0.9%
Squires Sprint0.86 km-8 m-0.9%
Jackinthebox0.76 km-7 m-0.5%
laneside run0.43 km16 m1.7%
Full Climb5.19 km144 m2.8%
Bradwell ramp up 1.62 km46 m2.8%
Short Hucklow Climb0.42 km33 m7.9%
Tideswell bound!0.58 km20 m3.4%
MONSAL - SECTOR 10.11 km0 m0.3%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No30 Monsal Head0.46 km58 m12.4%
MONSAL - SECTOR 30.13 km19 m14.4%
Longstone Dash1.09 km-27 m-2.5%