RPI Tater Tot

Cycling Route

18.73 mi
1,250 ft
Created By
Carlos Perez
January 6, 2023·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Trail Creek Bike Path Out2.17 mi105 ft0.9%
Trail Creek to Corral Creek Climb3.46 mi243 ft1.3%
Corral creek to Corrals1.54 mi259 ft3.2%
Full Corral Creek Dirt Road Climb3.74 mi696 ft3.5%
Corral Creek Full Out and Back 7.12 mi-689 ft-0.0%
Corral Creek: Full Dirt Road Climb2.18 mi463 ft4.0%
National Forest Develop Road 137 Climb1.59 mi384 ft4.6%
Down Corral Creek from Pio cabin lot3.61 mi-699 ft-3.7%
Down Corral Creek from Corrals1.48 mi-253 ft-3.1%
Boundary to SV Down3.45 mi-272 ft-1.5%