RPI French Fry

Cycling Route

56.09 mi
3,755 ft
Created By
Carlos Perez
January 6, 2023·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
RPI French Fry 2019 - Start to Finish53.35 mi1,906 ft0.1%
RPI Small Fry after Neutral Rollout53.17 mi1,909 ft0.1%
Saddle to Lost RIV18.53 mi1,903 ft1.2%
Trail Creek Bike Path Out2.17 mi105 ft0.9%
Trail Creek to Corral Creek Climb3.46 mi243 ft1.3%
Trail Creek Complete10.18 mi1,893 ft3.5%
Trail Creek (Sun Peak Dr - end of Pave7.39 mi912 ft2.3%
SV to Wilson Creek5.66 mi404 ft1.3%
Trail Creek to Challis8.53 mi1,765 ft3.9%
Corral Creek to Wilson Creek2.69 mi210 ft1.5%
Trail Creek Climb1.28 mi240 ft3.1%
Trail Creek Rd (Wilson Creek to End of Pavement)1.73 mi515 ft5.6%
Trail Creek to End of Pavement1.35 mi413 ft5.8%
Trail Creek Climb4.16 mi1,430 ft6.5%
Everesting Ride1.34 mi456 ft6.4%
RPI KQOM #14.12 mi1,365 ft6.3%
True Trail Creek pavement climb1.29 mi469 ft6.9%
Trail Creek Climb Pavement Only1.27 mi456 ft6.8%
Trail Creek Climb to overlook0.91 mi351 ft7.2%
road cc0.94 mi348 ft7.0%
Trail Creek Rd - Snow Gate to End of Pavement1.05 mi387 ft6.9%
Trail Creek Climb Dirt Only2.80 mi919 ft6.2%
aid?0.19 mi-43 ft-4.1%
Racing to Summit Creek0.77 mi-246 ft-6.0%
Rocket Through the Trees9.75 mi-951 ft-1.8%
flats2.10 mi-358 ft-3.2%
pcreek0.86 mi-249 ft-5.5%
Wildhorse loop1.28 mi-52 ft-0.0%
RPI AID Station 5 to AID Station 612.44 mi899 ft1.2%
Wild Horse to base of Trail Creek9.37 mi686 ft1.4%
7775.28 mi453 ft1.6%
7910.93 mi46 ft0.9%
6015.87 mi479 ft1.5%
1283.30 mi262 ft1.5%
4442.20 mi233 ft2.0%
Pedal Harder, It's Gravel6.51 mi699 ft2.0%
1681.71 mi108 ft1.2%
RPI KQOM #23.85 mi446 ft2.2%
Trail Creek Road Climb0.93 mi266 ft5.4%
RPI AID Station 6 to DIGITAL FINISH at GUN CLUB9.10 mi-1,739 ft-3.6%
Full Trail Creek Descent9.71 mi-1,804 ft-3.5%
Dirty descent3.52 mi-1,142 ft-6.1%
Trail Creek decent(fast section)4.12 mi-1,348 ft-6.2%
Trail Creek down, dirt only.2.72 mi-860 ft-6.0%
Trial Creek Pavement Descent7.28 mi-955 ft-2.5%
Roadies Trail Creek Descent1.56 mi-492 ft-6.0%
Trail Creek Descent to Gun Club6.39 mi-827 ft-2.4%
Trail Creek to SV Lodge7.28 mi-745 ft-1.9%
Boundary to SV Down3.45 mi-272 ft-1.5%
Trail Creek Bike Path In2.28 mi-85 ft-0.6%