Option 3- 2023 103 miles

Cycling Route

102.92 mi
8,412 ft
Created By
Kristen Heath
January 8, 2023·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Snowmass Roundabout to Aspen Airport4.45 mi-587 ft-0.4%
Owl Creek Rd Climb0.65 mi272 ft7.8%
Full Owl Creek Road Descent to Sardy Field2.36 mi-587 ft-4.7%
Owl Creek Road Descent to Sardy Field1.34 mi-318 ft-4.5%
creek to visitor check in2.82 mi387 ft2.6%
Maroon Bells from Highlands6.93 mi1,316 ft3.6%
County Road 13 Climb1.02 mi404 ft7.3%
Maroon Bells to Highlands Descent7.50 mi-1,371 ft-3.4%
Maroon Bells Sign to Gate House Descent 4.22 mi-1,063 ft-4.8%
Sprint Climb to Highlands Village0.25 mi-16 ft-0.2%
Maroon Creek Road Climb0.38 mi344 ft17.0%
Chapel to S Hayden2.99 mi420 ft2.7%
Ashcroft - bottom to top12.67 mi1,693 ft2.5%
Fresh Leg TT: Bike Path to Conundrum Rd4.39 mi568 ft2.5%
Hospital to Ashcroft10.40 mi1,424 ft2.6%
Ashcroft Climb12.42 mi1,755 ft2.7%
Castle Creek Rd.-Bike Path to Highpoint9.10 mi1,378 ft2.9%
True Full Ashcroft (hospital to bridge and back)24.81 mi1,594 ft0.0%
Castle Creek-Miles Lane past Pine Creek Cookhouse9.96 mi1,424 ft2.7%
One Mile push from marker #4 to #50.93 mi180 ft3.6%
Climbing 2.7mi from 4th Mile to Little Annie2.71 mi531 ft3.7%
Little Annie Rd Climb1.36 mi289 ft4.0%
Little Annie Rd to the Bridge2.16 mi233 ft2.0%
The Bridge to the Bear - Ascent0.75 mi210 ft5.1%
run boy run0.60 mi59 ft1.9%
Sprint to trailhead0.39 mi36 ft1.7%
Pine Creek to Cathedral Pop0.32 mi23 ft1.1%
Express Creek Road Climb0.26 mi410 ft29.4%
Castle Creek DH8.88 mi-1,109 ft-2.4%
Conundrum straight to the Hospital4.08 mi-522 ft-2.4%
Springboard0.39 mi39 ft2.0%
I am Spartacus2.52 mi-344 ft-2.5%
Cemetary Lane DH Sprint0.97 mi-151 ft-2.9%
Slaughterhouse to Trentaz1.60 mi184 ft2.1%
Punch the clown0.33 mi79 ft4.0%
Homie Don't Play That0.59 mi102 ft3.1%
Margarita Power - WCT to Gerbaz2.51 mi-171 ft-1.3%
Rio Grande Trail Climb0.31 mi292 ft17.7%
WC Ditch Sprint Downvalley1.46 mi-102 ft-1.3%
Conoco to Sopris/Snowmass Creek intersection1.71 mi217 ft2.4%
Capitol Creek: To The Dirt and Back8.94 mi-814 ft0.0%
E. Sopris Creek Rd to Monastery Rd3.14 mi486 ft2.9%
Sopris/Snowmass Creek int. to Watson Divide1.25 mi138 ft2.1%
Rio Grande Snowmass Canyon4.79 mi292 ft1.1%
County Road 16 Climb0.64 mi420 ft12.4%
Gerbaz to Chaparral1.53 mi102 ft1.2%
Rio Grande UV - CR17 to W. Mobile Mtn 1.85 mi180 ft1.9%
RioG Upper to Woody Sprint bbb0.54 mi56 ft1.9%
Col de Douleur DEUX0.35 mi144 ft7.7%
Brush Creek Bike Path Bridge to Roundabout2.19 mi243 ft2.1%