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Cycling Route

54.76 mi
1,880 ft
Created By
Martin Webber

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Getting outta the city0.89 mi75 ft0.6%
Out of town0.38 mi-36 ft-1.2%
Hutton Bank Push0.26 mi89 ft6.3%
Hutton bank to Wath3.12 mi-102 ft-0.4%
Hutton Conyers - Wath 2.64 mi-79 ft-0.3%
Corner to corner0.20 mi23 ft2.1%
wall0.83 mi20 ft0.0%
Wiff Wath0.57 mi-30 ft-1.0%
Wath to Melmerby0.60 mi16 ft0.4%
out of wath incline0.83 mi16 ft0.3%
Underlands Lane escape0.82 mi-23 ft-0.3%
Roundabout to plant shop corner.1.11 mi-66 ft-1.1%
Ainderby Quernhow to Sinderby0.52 mi20 ft0.0%
Blast through Sinderby0.26 mi-13 ft-1.0%
sinderby to pickhill0.63 mi30 ft0.8%
Stapley Lane (A6055 to Kirklington)0.87 mi56 ft0.2%
Ling-Thorne1.46 mi-30 ft0.0%
Blast to Burneston0.69 mi-30 ft-0.6%
Carthorpe - Exelby2.22 mi-52 ft-0.1%
Up the hill from Carthorpe to High Grange Holiday Cottages1.83 mi52 ft0.1%
XLB to LINK RD.0.59 mi10 ft0.2%
Scruton Lane End to Scruton0.86 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Scruton Lane End to Scruton0.86 mi-7 ft-0.1%
fleetham dash0.69 mi-26 ft-0.1%
Fleetham Flyer1.59 mi-36 ft-0.2%
one way0.73 mi-16 ft0.0%
Brompton to Scorton Reverse1.49 mi33 ft0.4%
Scorton to Brompton1.58 mi39 ft0.5%
Racecourse Drag1.13 mi-30 ft-0.4%
At the Races... (bridge to the Village).0.98 mi-46 ft-0.9%
catterick dash1.60 mi-33 ft-0.1%
Racecourse straight0.66 mi-10 ft-0.3%
racehorse to hackforth4.10 mi-121 ft-0.0%
country sharp climb0.55 mi79 ft2.1%
Sinky to Burrill burnout0.83 mi43 ft0.6%
B6268 (Masham Road) Snape Junction to B6267 Leases Wood Cross Roads4.00 mi157 ft0.3%
Kings Keld kick0.32 mi-39 ft-0.3%
Well well well!0.60 mi98 ft2.3%
Well Bank (full)0.42 mi135 ft6.0%
Well Bank0.24 mi82 ft6.1%
well hill0.43 mi141 ft6.1%
Leases Wood descent1.30 mi-105 ft-1.3%
Down to Tanfield1.08 mi-118 ft-1.4%
New Road dash1.36 mi180 ft2.4%
Lightwater Crossing2.30 mi174 ft1.1%
Tapping the rhythm up Musterfield0.70 mi118 ft3.0%
Not been down Triplins Lane Beforeee0.84 mi-66 ft-1.3%
Sutton Grange Slingshot0.45 mi36 ft1.0%
The Tractor Pull0.79 mi56 ft1.3%
final sprint0.55 mi-62 ft-1.5%