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Cabin challenge original

Cycling Route

125.49 km
1,601 m
Created By
Tom Eickelberg

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Springtown - River Rd to top of hill0.68 km9 m1.2%
sand downhill0.56 km-46 m-8.2%
Straight outta Frozendale0.54 km24 m4.4%
binnewater 213-stop sign1.29 km34 m2.7%
Stone Ridge Pond Rd.1.53 km-39 m-2.0%
Stone House Sprint (northbound)0.88 km-2 m-0.0%
Ashokan Road N5.66 km130 m2.2%
ashokan rd 6.30 km111 m1.0%
Asokan Road Reach4.37 km79 m1.8%
Watson Hollow from High Point Mtn Rd7.34 km305 m4.1%
Peekamoose4.52 km254 m5.6%
Peekamoose (from trail head)1.22 km152 m12.4%
Little Rebbe 0.27 km15 m4.9%
55 Solam to Cutler7.73 km-100 m-1.2%
Sholam Kick0.52 km-7 m-1.0%
Foordemoore to 441.98 km9 m0.2%
Berme Rd - Kerhonkson to Accord4.16 km-34 m-0.2%
Tow Path Accord to Alligerville3.78 km-56 m-0.1%
Alligerville Bridge) to Mohonk Bridge 7.26 km286 m3.9%
Rock Hill Road to Mohonk Road on Clove Road2.64 km49 m0.7%
Clove Chapel0.51 km32 m6.2%
Clove Kicker to Mohonk3.68 km257 m7.0%
Mohonk - Tree Fort to Bridge! 3.69 km254 m6.9%
Clove Road to Knolls Road1.77 km99 m5.6%
Mohonk - Clove Rd. to Bridge3.42 km232 m6.8%
Stop sign to Top bridge3.00 km223 m7.4%
Mohonk3.15 km207 m6.5%
Mohonk- Clove Rd to Bridge2.98 km220 m7.4%
Mohonk - Hairpin to Bridge2.67 km203 m7.5%
Mohonk - Hairpin to N Lookout2.25 km168 m7.4%
Mohonk - Hairpin to Spring Farm1.01 km52 m5.1%
Knolls Road to Bridge1.52 km143 m9.4%
Mohonk Descent - AmZof bike course3.40 km-252 m-7.4%
Mohonk Descent3.07 km-232 m-7.6%