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4/12 Stone House and Bear Creek

Cycling Route

45.99 mi
1,314 ft
Created By
Laura Karpinski

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
South Platte - Confluence to 250.80 mi13 ft0.1%
Elitch to 8th on South Platte1.65 mi26 ft0.3%
MileHi2Bridge2.12 mi43 ft0.3%
Bronco bridge0.30 mi13 ft0.8%
Gulch-9th Southbound Sprint0.52 mi10 ft0.3%
upstream commute2.43 mi39 ft0.2%
Doughnut Smell Sprint0.32 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Lower-Platte Southbound Sprint0.53 mi-7 ft-0.1%
bridge to park turn1.93 mi33 ft0.3%
Up to the guns sprint0.57 mi16 ft0.3%
Alpe d'SPR0.16 mi20 ft2.0%
Bump0.07 mi7 ft0.5%
miss louie 0.21 mi7 ft0.4%
ruby hill perpetratin'0.50 mi-36 ft-1.0%
Bridge #2 to Dartmouth1.16 mi13 ft0.0%
Bear Creek Narrows0.94 mi39 ft0.8%
Bear Creek Trail Sheridan to Pierce0.99 mi23 ft0.3%
greenbelt mashy mash0.72 mi20 ft0.5%
Fox to Morrison Rd climb0.31 mi39 ft2.3%
Kumpfmiller - East side MT carbon dam climb0.76 mi171 ft4.2%
Kumpfmiller Dr - East Side0.75 mi167 ft4.2%
New Dam Trail Down0.34 mi-72 ft-3.9%
straightaway0.26 mi16 ft1.3%
Boat check to Bear Creek Crossing1.10 mi82 ft1.3%
Boodbye Bear 0.20 mi13 ft1.0%
Carbon-Bound Accelerator0.59 mi-62 ft-2.0%
Caorthann's Drop0.18 mi-49 ft-5.0%
Mt. Carbon sprint to top0.15 mi56 ft6.8%
Mt. Carbon Recovery0.51 mi-46 ft-1.3%
Golf Course Downhill0.90 mi-223 ft-4.6%
Mt Carbon to Driving Range1.49 mi-223 ft-2.8%
Fox Hollow Sprint, mt carbon trailhead to stop sign0.64 mi-13 ft-0.0%
Fox Hollow Golf Course Exit0.54 mi-16 ft-0.3%
Hole #2 - Grip It and Rip It0.20 mi-23 ft-2.1%
Another bridge to bridge E 1.05 mi-26 ft-0.5%
Bridge to Bridge through Bear Creek Park east0.72 mi-26 ft-0.7%
16th Hole Sprint for Eagle0.23 mi-7 ft-0.6%
This is my Exit, I'll Get off Here0.99 mi-30 ft-0.4%
PRT - Industrial Area to the Park1.68 mi-36 ft-0.4%
Dartmouth to Florida Downstream2.35 mi-33 ft-0.2%
ruby hill river sprint0.85 mi-26 ft-0.5%
Annoying Jason St Detour (Northbound)1.25 mi-13 ft-0.2%
Alameda to Mile Hi2.61 mi-43 ft-0.2%
Up Past Wastewater Mgmt N0.37 mi7 ft0.0%
Lower-Platte Northbound Sprint0.49 mi-7 ft-0.1%
8th Bridge to Bronco Bridge1.08 mi-30 ft-0.0%
8th - 13th0.47 mi-10 ft0.0%
Gulch-9th Northbound Sprint0.52 mi-13 ft-0.4%
Mile High Way0.23 mi-13 ft-1.0%
I25 to Speer Sprint0.78 mi-16 ft-0.3%